The FMBE Awards 2020: Guide to the Finalists, Cat V, Special Award – Virtual Events and Demos

FMBE 2020 – guide to the finalists

Category V:  Special Award: Virtual Events and Demos

This year the awards are being presented in online broadcast interviews with the finalists. The result of this category will be presented and revealed online in discussion with the finalists on Friday 29th January from 20.45  to 21.10, and broadcast on Facebook Live at

What we love about the category

Whilst hating the circumstances that made this category a priority, the advances in capability and environmental credibility that we have seen in it will give agencies extra versatility long into the future.

What our judges love about this year’s finalists

Circle – Coca Cola European Partners

Engaging studio content that enabled more retailers to attend than ever before.

Elevate Staffing

What a way to make wellness a central plank of a virtual event that brought global brand ambassadors together when they would likely be struggling.

Field Sales Solutions – Brooklyn Brewery

Simplicity and effectiveness – Brooklyn’s DJs created great content and the appreciation was resounding.

Logobrand – Henkel

The Henkel Show made glue merchandising into an artform. Logobrand’s presenters were on point.

OneBigStar – John Deere

A show must go on reaction piece, with sold some of the snazziest kit in farming – a great justification of studio standard online exhibiting.

OnLive Events – Samsung

An ambitious conference to host virtually, delivered with a clear brand identity and consistency across a huge range of technology products.

Wasserman – USTA

Also seen in the Connected Award category, this is another look at Crowdamp, Wasserman’s fan engagement app that brings virtual audience into the heart of the event.

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