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We are passionate, dynamic, innovative and result-oriented trade marketing company providing end to end services and support to facilitate growth of our client’s brands/products in the UK marketplace. We specialise within cosmetics, OTC medicines, selfcare medical devices, food supplements, pet care, equine care, FMCG, groceries and food & drinks.

Our roots

We have had a very humble start. Our founder first came to the UK in 2010 and worked for a number of agencies representing well-known brands within the FMCG and consumer electronics markets. In October 2014, Carpe Diem Globale  started trading into the slightly more niche cosmeceutical and  nutraceutical FMCG markets.

Our fundamental ethos on which we work are: integrity, professionalism, adding value and collaborative.

We took on work with very well-known international brands, initially for a short term. We then built on our expertise to ensure we could embark on a greater and more permanent relationship with those clients such as  Biocell UK and Valentis.

What we do

We offer very bespoke services, standalone services and complete end-to-end field operations management. We work closely with all of the regulatory bodies to ensure our clients’ products are ready to sell in the UK marketplace, facilitating our clients from product launch, volume trade, sale management, contact centre and trade and expo participation.


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Contact Name: Rakesh Sharma
Telephone: 44(0)7375 021413

Carpe Diem Globale Limited.

268 Bath Road



United Kingdom


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