salesatwork3SalesAtWork is a global business located in Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

SalesAtWork enables a business to improve the efficiencies and performance of both inside and outside field sales teams. This is achieved using a powerful and continually advancing cloud software solution that operates with the latest mobile tools in the field.

SalesAtWork uniquely ties in three aspects of the sales process. It covers field based Sales teams, internal Trade Marketers and outsourced Sales service Agencies, ie field marketing businesses. In one platform all operations are covered in a standalone capacity or linked in collaboratively. We allow a business to successfully execute campaigns and projects/sales operations in the field and report a range of data metrics back to the client.

Some of the recent work carried out includes

Infinite Group:  support of up to 600+ field marketing staff. Advancement of internal processes and improvement of technology base to report on work carried out for clients

Caring Field Marketing: Migration to SalesAtWork from a custom built field marketing solution that was out-dated and costly to maintain. Support of a growing field base of 50+ field users.

AB Foods – Enabling a large sales team for one of their subsidiaries to work more effectively in the field using the latest sales data collection tools and reporting back to their clients using the advanced reporting methods used in SalesAtWork.

“Having used our own in-house system for many years there was a need to adopt a solution that would allow us to be able to offer broader solutions to our existing and growing customer base” Nick Cresswell, Director of Support Services Infinite Group.


“Tech changes very quickly, since making the switch (to SalesAtWork) we are now more agile and evolve, rather than change. We now strive to push the boundaries on what’s next.” Derek Raney, GM Sales, Taylors Wines


Contact Name: Chris Ryan (Commercial Manager)
Telephone: 44 (0) 7907 035778

12 Melcombe Place,



(0) 203 745 753

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