SledgelogoSledge is a respected, pragmatic and trusted industry force. We have been at the forefront of inventive interactive communications for more than 20 years.

Our passion is crafting live experiences that change the perception of your brand.

Some of our clients have been with us for over a decade. Our customer base is as varied and wide-ranging as our skills, from O2 to the UK Government, from Hewlett Packard Enterprises to Argos.

It is your creative brief that guides our approach. Which means that we work to find the right combination of elements that will meet your goals, rather than pull a handful of old tricks out of a hat. We pride ourselves on our inventiveness, creativity, and our embracement of new and emerging technologies.

(Sarah Mullins, Head of Change Communications, O2)

Working with Sledge is a great experience.  Number one, we get really fabulous times for our employees, Conference, events, awards nights, they really pull it out of the hat.  I don’t just mean project planning and getting the details right I also mean finding solutions to problems and also finding really creative answers when we want to do something a bit special and a bit different.”

(Ronan Dunne, CEO Telefonica UK)

“For our business, communicating our message internally, is for every bit as important at communicating it externally.  So we’ve been working with Sledge for many years now and the great thing about our partnership, and I call it a partnership is, that we push each other and make sure we deliver great experiences, whether it be for our customers externally or when we work internally.”

(Tomohiro Ota, Head of Sports Europe, Mizuno (UK) )

The Mizuno pitch was won mainly on Sledge’s unique grasp of the Mizuno brand that came through in the stunning creative… Couple with the experiential elements that really encourage the consumer to try and test and buy our products, the whole concept was a win:win for our brand’s strategy this year.  It has truly exceeded our expectations.”




Contact Name: Laura Capell Abra
Telephone: 020 8740 4550

The Tabernacle,

Millers Way,

Shepherd’s Bush,


W6 7NH

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