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The world has changed. People are busy, cynical and tired of brands trying to be their friends. If they’re not ignoring you, they are blocking you. If you want to be noticed, you need to act differently. You need to be brave.

With people’s lives so complicated and unpredictable, creating a brand connection is harder than ever. Data allows us to understand what people do but by adding in human behaviours we unlock why and when they do it.

Then, using clever and brave ideas, we can strike up real human connections, which are relevant in people’s lives and start brand relationships that last. We create brave work that gets noticed and starts conversations.

It’s this creative and strategic bravery that gets brands talked about, shared on social, becomes the festival destination or demands PR coverage. Work that makes people engage, purchase and want more. That’s the power of having ideas worth sharing.

We deliver the right message to the right people at the right time using the right channel. Developing a bold strategy, which extracts every available opportunity to build the strongest, slickest and bravest consumer journey to deliver results that matter.


Testimonials from clients:


Lucy Christie, Retail Ecommerce Manager, Carlsberg

The Brave Few have brought Carlsberg’s promotion to life through developing and facilitating our digital campaign, leveraging Carlsberg’s musical legacy and generating excitement and awareness surrounding the brand this summer.

Sarah Butterworth, brand & sponsorship manager, TalkTalk

“We were so impressed with the support that it was easy to make the decision to work with them again. not only did they deliver an effective facebook app, but also supported at every level of the promotion from ticket fulfilment, to being the face of the talktalk brand. together we delivered a successful ticket promotion, doubling the number of entrants from the previous year. the great results are testament to the agency’s hard work – who went above and beyond the brief.”

Datuk DR. Wong Lai Sum, CEO Matrade

“Malaysia Night in Trafalgar Square isn’t just a great way to showcase the best of Malaysian culture, it also gives us the opportunity to promote Malaysia to the British public and show them how much our country has to offer on both a culinary and a cultural level.”

Andrew Turner, category and trade marketing director Heineken

“whynot! (rebranded to The Brave Few) have understood perfectly how to deliver foster’s quality through outstanding creativity and innovative thinking, and their insider knowledge of the drinks industry is second to none. the team are professional, dedicated and highly responsive which gives me the confidence I need from an agency.”


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Telephone: 020 7384 6505

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