FMBE Awards 2020: Guide to the Finalists, Cat C, Field Data

FMBE 2020 – guide to the finalists

Category C: Field Data

This year the awards are being presented in online broadcast interviews with the finalists. The result of this category will be presented and revealed online in discussion with the finalists on Friday 29th January from 10am to 10.15am, and broadcast on Facebook Live at

What we love about the category

The data driven approach has been the big news in field sales for over a decade, streamlining call files and upping effectiveness and profit. 2018 showed a further step change in this category as Logobrand and Britvic correlated profit margin insight into the field to help make ROI-based actions in store. 2019 then saw several intriguing innovations including a silver for Acosta Europe Flexforce’s clever use of propensity to purchase shopper datasets. Now there’s an intriguing head to head between the Logobrand and Britvic team, two years further down the line, and Acosta Europe Reach part of that same resourceful Acosta group.

What our judges love about this year’s finalists

Acosta Europe Reach – Heineken

In a year when the news has been dominated by a very Irish problem in terms of Brexit, Reach has been busy making step change improvement to call effectiveness in Ireland, in so doing pulling on resources for data-led field sales in a way that we have not previously witnessed from an agency in Ireland.

Logobrand – Britvic

This COVID case study showed how this data driven agency and brand partnership moved to overcome the changing circumstances in shopping behaviour.

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