FMBE Awards 2020: Guide to the Finlaists, Cat H, Roadshow and Shopping Centre

FMBE 2020 – guide to the finalists

Category H: Roadshow and Shopping Centre

This year the awards are being presented in online broadcast interviews with the finalists. The result of this category will be presented and revealed online in discussion with the finalists on Friday 29th January from 13.05  to 13.20, and broadcast on Facebook Live at

What we love about the category

2020 was going to be a tough year for shopping centres even before most of us could identify Wuhan on a map. The COVID challenges to the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors added further obstacles to brands who had planned for the typically accountable promotional platform that these centres excel at. However, what the category truly celebrates is effectiveness, and this year’s finalists all managed to show exceptional results that would make any shopper brand want to consider brand experience shopper tours.

What our judges love about this year’s finalists

Circle – Costa Express

One very big day, and a revolution in coffee drinker habits that really resonated.

Gekko – Google

How to reach out via retail parks in a B2E, B2B and B2C campaign, to show off the tech in a way that made every contact count.

The Producers – Nando’s

A cheekily upbeat campaign with creativity and effectiveness, that made Nando’s at home a core grocery shopping consideration.

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