FMBE Awards 2020: Guide to the Finalists, Cat R, Connectivity Award

FMBE 2020 – guide to the finalists

Category R: Connectivity Award

This year the awards are being presented in online broadcast interviews with the finalists. The result of this category will be presented and revealed online in discussion with the finalists on Friday 29th January from 18.45 to 19.00, and broadcast on Facebook Live at

What we love about the category

Since smartphone’s became smart we have been running this category to acknowledge that internet in your pocket changed live experiential marketing forever, but COVID has accelerated the relationship. All three finalists this year are COVID responses, and all very different virtual solutions.

What our judges love about this year’s finalists


The European Congress on Radiology went virtual and Philips proved well up to the challenge with an impressive array of effective brand engagements and succinct product demos. It was a complex showcase made simple.

Logobrand – Henkel

Training a field team about glue would typically require an intensive training event, but that wasn’t possible. Instead the Logobrand account team leaders took it online with a presentation that was engaging, professional and entertaining. We were, ahem, glued to our sets.

Wasserman – USTA

The US Open tennis was one of the first major sporting events ‘back on’ after the first COVID hiatus and it would do so behind closed doors. Fortunately it was also the first major event to benefit from Wasserman’s Crowdamp an intelligent app that brings the remote fanbase in on the event in an inclusive way whilst also creating a brand sponsorship platform.

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