Forward Features 2017

 Field Marketing (and Brand X) 2016-17 Forward Features

Advertising and editorial deadlines, 19th of month prior to the publication month.

All issues: News round up, Agency update, Technology news, new appointments and promotions and brand ambassador profiles



March (Spring)

Cover Story: Consumer Electronics and Mobile product sales (after CES Vegas and Mobile World Congress Barcelona)

Feature: 2016-17 trends report

Client View:  Home Entertainment and Gaming

Sector: Grocery Multiple

Brand X: Staff and Performance

Thought Leader: Field Sales into Grocery and combating delistiing


May (Summer)

Cover Story: Venues, Pops Ups and location choice

Feature: Data instore and shopper insight

Sector: Health, Hygiene, Beauty

Brand X: Global – Local

Thought Leader: Stand building, Health and Safety



October (Autumn):

Cover Story: Shopper Mindset

Feature: Awards Preview and Shortlist

Sector: Automotive and Household Appliances

Brand X: Summer Event Reviews and Festivals, B2B and B2E Events

Thought Leader: Operations Teams, Logistics, Merchandising and Installation


December (Winter) and Award Winners Special

Cover Story: Team Development

Feature: FM&BE as a UK export

Sector: Retail Online and Off

International Overview: US, Australasia, South Africa

Brand X: Shopping Centre campaigns; Travel and commuter campaigns