Forward Features 2019

 Field Marketing (and Brand X) 2019 Forward Features

Advertising and editorial deadlines, 19th of month prior to the publication month.

All issues: News round up, Agency update, Technology news, new appointments and promotions and brand ambassador profiles


March (Spring)

Cover Story: brand partnerships and multibrand events

Feature: 2019 predictions from industry experts

Instore:  FMCG

Suppliers: vehicles and builds

Thought Leader: Shopper vs Leisure mindset


May (Summer)

Cover Story: Social Media Events

Feature: Corporate responsibility

Instore:  Consumer Durables

Suppliers:  European Agencies

Thought Leader: Women in FMBE


October (Autumn)

Cover Story: Summer Events

Feature: Awards Preview and Shortlist

Instore:  Tactical vs Seasonal vs Strategic

Suppliers: Staff and Venues

Thought Leader: Environment


December (Winter) and Award Winners Special

Cover Story: FMBE Awards

Feature:  Pop Up: Dining and Drinking

Instore: Review of the Year

Suppliers: Data

Thought Leader: looking forward – 2020 vision