Amanda Chandler

Business Unit Director at Field Sales Solutions



How pleased were you that your hard work was recognised as award winning?

I’m delighted that the hard work of our field teams has been recognised in this way. They deliver outstanding results for Ferrero, driving return on investment week in and week out. They really are a force to be reckoned with – and what better than a leading industry award to prove it.

Why is it important for this industry to show off its best practitioners and leading suppliers? Why?

The field marketing industry is constantly evolving and it is important to have a showcase where we can demonstrate that and  the outstanding quality of what we are able to deliver for our clients. The fact that the panel of judges is sourced from leading manufacturers and suppliers outside the immediate industry simply goes to add weight and credibility to the awards themselves.

How has being an award winner benefitted Field Sales Solutions ?

We’re sales people so we’re naturally competitive – it makes us strive to deliver more and to be better year on year as we want our team to win again next time around. And , of course, it is good to show to prospective new clients as a testament to the quality of the work do and the passion with which we do it, so it benefits the wider business too.

Have you worked on further exciting projects since?

Yes – the Ferrero team at Field Sales Solutions is continuing to grow, and we have added some really exciting new technology to support the team recently too. Look out for some of it in next year’s award entries!

What does the future hold for Field Sales Solutions?

For me and my team, the continued strengthening of our partnership with Ferrero. For the wider business,  new initiatives and hopefully new clients aplenty.


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