Hugo Jones

Creative Director Cult Events

Published on 31/05/2016


What makes a good business leader?

Leading by example, delivering what you promise and maintaining ethics

What makes your job exciting?

The ever evolving nature of the events industry means having to think on your feet constantly.  Being able to draw on all your knowledge and resources in a split second really takes living in the moment to the next level!

What do you consider to be a personal professional achievement?

Being part of really exciting and successful events and brand campaigns that people really remember, bring back smiles and that have led to long-lasting relationships. We’ve launched a range of exciting spaces, from innovative tech incubator hubs through to restaurants and bars in multifunctional venues; no matter what the deadline or the task, we deliver.  I find being at the forefront of a company that makes “it” happen a personal achievement.

What are your goals for you and Cult Events?

To carry on our expansion within the food & drink experience landscape; shaping the way people share experiences with one another.

What brand inspires you? Why?

A number of brands but most recently it would be BrewDog.  Not necessarily because I like the beer (it’s not my favourite) but I’m hugely impressed with their work ethic and expansion into the beer market.

What is on the horizon at work in the next 12 months?

We are launching the common, a new kitchen/ bar/ grill at the world’s largest Co-living space, at The Collective, Old Oak, rocking out at Glastonbury’s EE Garden VIP bar (through Havas Sports & Entertainment arm, running the F&B for 30,000 people at Graduate Fashion Week (bringing in change to give back profits to homeless), revamping one of The Wall SE1 bars at House of Vans, launching our own smaller multi-functional work space in Hackney Wick amongst big plans for our own festival and immersive theatre next year.

Who do you find inspirational?

Apart from my family and friends, and inspiring entrepreneurs who’ve made it from nothing, I would probably say Hunter S. Thompson for breaking the mould and embracing the dream. As giving back and community vibes are core to our team structure and well being I’d have to mention the Change Please guys’ initiative in giving back to the homeless.




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