Kerry Alligan

Portfolio Commercial Partnerships Manager at Lend Lease


What makes you a good business leader? Being a good business leader within our industry is knowing the client and establishing the benefits both for the client and for the company you work FullSizeRenderfor.  An all-rounder being able to focus attention to the end result and working back to ensure all goals have been met.  Enthusiasm is one of the main strengths, you believe in the project then you and your team will go to great lengths to succeed.  Being able to communicate on all levels.  We work with all companies, Start ups, community led, agencies, SME’s and corporates and all have their own way of seeing and doing things, so it is important that we all are flexible and can constantly adapt to others work practices.

How do you keep at the top of your game in this industry? Talk, Talk, Talk – Communication is key and having a willingness to find out what your clients, colleagues and competitors are up to.  It’s a constant learning game, research into the next trend and social media has provided everyone with an easier job.  I would also encourage to look outside the industry that you know, there are some amazing ideas, products and services out their which can be adapted to our industry and also demonstrates to senior leaders that we are “looking outside the box”.

How do you react to a challenging brief? I love it!  Every brief is challenging in its own way, even of your clients has worked with you for many years.  There is always an ambition to do the next big thing and by working together this can be achieved.  There are times where you need air on the side of caution but to always allow alternative scenarios which may work out to be better than the original brief.  The satisfaction of trying something new creates buzz around the office and you become thirsty for the next one.

What was a favourite event or campaign to work on (last 12 months)? Rubgy World Cup

What has been business highlight of the last year or two?  Starting interim uses for the business.  This was a very big challenge and working within a business which is primarily Property and Development it was a real learning curve to convince the business owners that meanwhile uses will not only provide revenue but will build relationships with the local community and provide a hub of activity for the area.

What is on the horizon at work in the next 12 months?  The next twelve months are very busy indeed.  Sites within the London area will be coming on line and we are now branching out for interim uses across other developments we own across the UK.


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