Marvin Foster

Managing Director, Love Creative Marketing London and USA

Marvin PicWho are Love Creative Marketing?

A below the line promotional agency specialising in guerrilla marketing, experiential marketing, and promotional staffing born in 2015. Love Creative Marketing helps SMEs and blue chip brands from all sectors deliver brand objectives. The methodology behind LCM is that we have a clear passion for marketing and our internal employees all love what we do. We use our creative ideas to stimulate the minds of our client’s customers.

What makes a good industry Leader?

A good industry leader is someone who has a multichannel network within the industry and who understands the industry and that can give the best advice to its client and challenge its client. In addition, an industry leader is someone who can educate on their specific sector not only their clients but the millennium generation. He or she would always needs to be innovative and up to exploring new grounds.  Confidence, motivation, passion, adaptability are key.  She or he motivates others and is socially intelligent and understands people’s needs and issues. A good leader is not afraid of failure nor of taking risks and thinks about solutions rather than about problems. An open mind to unexpected things is also a plus.

What do you love most about your job?

 Coming up with creative ideas and working with international clients from all sectors and helping them understanding consumers buying behaviors from around the world and delivering below the line first class campaigns that exceed clients’ expectations is something that is motivating to me. Working in England distributing free olives in the cold snow!

What has been your personal highlight over the last year?

It would have to be delivering a European co-funded seminar and speaking to an international audience about the benefits of Greek produce or Creating marketingbiztv, a youtube channel that is dedicated to educating marketers around the globe on best practices on guerilla marketing and below the line activations.

What’s on the Horizon for Love Creative Marketing?

Expanding Out Of Home services and launching in the US and Asia and focusing on digital expansions.

Who is your dream client?

My dream client would be British Airways because there is so much for creativity within the aviation sector and with all media outlets.

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