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Managing Director, GottaBe!

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Published on 04/04/2018

Who are GottaBe! ?

GottaBe! is my little baby! But on a serious note, it’s an award winning, independent marketing agency specialising in field and experiential marketing.

What does your average day look like?

Everyday is different, one email or phone call can change the entire day. I kick off the day by meeting with my team and discussing the key findings from the previous days, any challenges they may have faced and the priorities for the day ahead. As a managing director, I tend to have very hands on approach and like to be part of every campaign – if I don’t have any meetings or conference calls, I would pick one of the campaigns and pop over to see how it’s going.

How do you keep at the top of your game in this industry?

Every morning on the way to work, I browse the news – from the UK, around the World as well as the industry. I use a lot of industry portals that feed information throughout the day to ensure I am all up to date.

How do you react to a challenging brief?

Challenging briefs are quite fun to work on – they make your work worthwhile but most importantly, get you to challenge yourself. I tend to get myself familiarised with it, have a look at what campaigns they have done before,  and start drafting some initial ideas before putting it out to the team and getting their input too.

What has been the business highlight over the last year? 

In the last 12 months, we have picked up a number of new clients, which has been great.  It’s also mega rewarding when you get that email from your clients to say that your team has delivered much better ROI then the previous agency they worked with.

What has been your personal highlight over the last ten years?

Overcoming many challenges and getting the business to where it is today. I was only coming up to my 17th birthday, when I started GottaBe!. Not being a British born national has provided its own set of challenges too.  However, I managed to overcome both issues. From the outset, I have been very lucky to secure some of the world’s leading brands as clients and what’s more we have a number of clients who have been working with us for 10 years now!

What is on the horizon over the next 12 months?

Definitely further expansion of the business – as the market and the industry changes, so do we as an agency. We’re looking at new markets that we can take GottaBe! to and further expand our international portfolio.

Who do you find inspirational and why?

Whilst I was starting GottaBe!, Sarah O’Connor released a soundtrack for the film Robots, there was a bit there saying “from zero to hero”. I suppose when I was starting the business, I was a teenager with very little experience, meaning I was at the zero stage but as we grow, so did my experience, team management, etc, therefore I am getting closer to that “hero” moment. On a more serious note, I really admire the work of Richard Branson – similar to myself, he started his entrepreneurial career as a student after identifying a gap in the market. He often thought of something and went with it –his  “screw it, let’s do it” ethos pays off and, to some extent, I am the same! I like to push myself to do more.

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