Agency Unknown adapts its entertainment for Zoom


Musical Bingo and Gospeloke creator’s Agency Unknown are fastly adapting their shows to fit with the current climate, offering punters the opportunity to party, sing and quiz all from the comfort of their homes whilst raising money for charity at the same time.

For over a decade Agency Unknown, currently operating as Happy Unknown have been devising experiences for the public.

The quirky and feelgood style of a Happy Unknown show has managed to find a niche market for those looking to do something a little different. Their shows include a music meets bingo night, karaoke where you get to sing with a live gospel choir and high-octane trivia/game show called Last Man Standing.

Through embracing technologies such as Zoom and Kahoot and combining them with live vision mixers, slides, DJs and hosts they’ve managed to bring their signature style to the masses. Musical Bingo has now become Musical Bingo Cribs, Last Man Standing – Last Home Standing and the wheels are in motion to launch Gospeloke the online edition. By tapping into these platforms Happy Unknown are creating a way so that even those isolating on their own can enjoy that sense of togetherness that everyone yearns for.

The team has recently launched Quarreltine, a brand new game show for couples on lockdown. Quarreltine is described by the company as something akin to “Mr & Mrs meets Noel’s House Party.”

Founder of the agency Jonny Unknown says, “As important as lockdown is to prevent the spread of this disease it soon became apparent just how much people were missing interacting with the outside world and craving the good times with friends.

We knew from the off we wanted to take our Musical Bingo experience into this virtual world, but we also knew how important it was to make sure we kept the same values and interactivity that make it such a fun and unique experience. In creating MB Cribs and using Zoom with a virtual producer we’ve devised a show which brings our signature touches to your screen; a live DJ, chance to dress up your living room, an enigmatic host, exciting prizes and of course a few gameshow twists.

Throughout our virtual experience everyone can escape anxiety or loneliness, feel connected, and have their chance to shine and be celebrated but more importantly come together. “

As well as throwing virtual parties for the public and charity fundraisers Happy Unknown are offering their services to companies looking to entertain their staff during lockdown as well as birthday parties and everything in between. It’s not just their in-house shows on offer, they can also devise and create totally bespoke quizzes and shows fitted to a client brief.


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