Brandon reveals natural identity and packaging for Atkins Harvest

atkins miniWorking to create a design that best reflects the products and their health benefits, Brandon moved away from the bright, vivid colours that fills the gluten free aisle to a more transparent and natural look. A clear window dominates each wrap to clearly show the snack bar itself and its ingredients of nuts, seeds and fruit, which are all gathered and foraged naturally, ensuring the best of nature is used. 

A two-leaf graphic device sits at the top of the window and, at a glance, communicates the two key messages of carb-lite and 4.9g of sugar per bar, whilst the wider benefits are positioned under the title branding, where Harvest comes first, and Atkins second.

Steve Conchie, creative director, Brandon, said: “We wanted to let the naturalness of the products speak for themselves and the use of a large window to clearly display the bar, allows that immediate transparency. A simple colour palette of white, with three earthy shades communicates the three flavour variants, creating a much more product-reflective approach.

“Due to the many health benefits of the product, it would have been easy for the packaging to have been flooded with messages, making it over-whelming for people to decode at speed. The simplicity of the transparent window, ingredient cluster and leaf graphic for the two key messages ensures the benefits are easily communicated.”

Robert Lehner, VP at Atkins International said: “We have worked closely with Brandon to overcome the challenge of achieving stand out in a crowded category whilst promoting all our key messages effectively. Easily readable icons and allowing the product to speak for itself helps communicate that the very best of nature goes into our products as well as highlighting the guilt-free benefits of each bar.”

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