Budweiser helicopter delivers celebratory beer to Plymouth Argyle fans

budweiser-plymouth-littleTo celebrate Plymouth Argyle’s draw, a celebratory load of Budweiser was delivered to Plymouth for the supporters to share around – in honour of the epic journey fans took to support their team in Liverpool on Sunday, as well as those who stayed behind to watch the game. Budweiser recruited FA Cup winner David James to fly to Plymouth and raise a bottle with the ‘The Green Army’ fans. Supporters returning from Liverpool to the team’s Home Park stadium on Sunday evening were met with a celebratory 4-pack of Budweiser beer– with more than 10,000 beers handed out for fans to share around at home.

Budweiser announced on Thursday 5th that they were setting out to recognise the fans of the team, who, against all odds, had an underdog victory, or put up the biggest fight in their third round match. David James and Budweiser’s dedicated team were ready and waiting to take off from London’s Biggin Hill Airport. After Plymouth Argyle’s draw, they took to the skies to celebrate the moment and recognise the passion of the fans.

FA Cup winner, David James, says “The Emirates FA Cup third round is one of the most exciting moments of the competition – as anything can happen! And it did this weekend, with Plymouth Argyle doing the incredible and drawing with Liverpool F.C. A real David and Goliath battle. True fans were there to support their team throughout and this activity is a great celebration of this dedication. Plymouth Argyle, this Bud’s for you!”

Steph Okell, marketing manager, Budweiser UK, says “At Budweiser, we’re all about celebrating epic moments of hard work and commitment. We wanted to recognise Plymouth Argyle’s incredible accomplishment at drawing with Liverpool F.C. in the Third Round, and their fans unwavering dedication is an event to remember. When the underdog puts up an extraordinary fight, this is the beer we’ll drink!”

Lucy Roberts-Hartley, The Emirates FA Cup senior brand manager says: “The Emirates FA Cup competition embodies the idea that anything is possible, with smaller teams being given the opportunity to take on Premier League giants in the Third Round. We are delighted that our partners Budweiser have chosen to recognise Plymouth Argyle’s outstanding achievement in this way. The spirit shown by the team and the dedication of their fans truly epitomises what the Emirates FA Cup is all about.”

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