Eventbrite announces the launch of Eventbrite Venue

Eventbrite has announced the launch of Eventbrite Venue, a fully integrated booking, operations and ticketing solution tailor-made for music venues.
The new product combines the capabilities of Queue, a company Eventbrite acquired in early 2016, with the ticketing power of Eventbrite through a single login and interface. Eventbrite Venue’s mobile-optimised platform consolidates and simplifies the process of booking artists, selling tickets, and settling at the end of the night.

Eventbrite Venue was born out of a union between Eventbrite and Queue. Queue was created in 2012 by a team focused on solving time-consuming challenges encountered during their time running venues, producing events, booking and promoting shows.
“We acquired Queue because it’s a superior product that solves a glaring pain point for venues, built by a team of expert engineers who had all moonlit as live music promoters, venue managers, and talent bookers,” said Julia Hartz, CEO and Co-Founder, Eventbrite. “Eventbrite Venue replaces up to five different systems with one single interface, specifically designed for event producers, enabling them to focus on delivering incredible live music experiences.”
Eventbrite Venue removes the need for spreadsheets and manual processes venues rely on to run their business by replacing these known operational inefficiencies with one single interface. The platform enables easy management of artist holds, organisation of booking calendars, and storage of documents like riders, artist contracts and settlement reports in a collaborative space. Eventbrite offers ticketing, real-time analytics and reporting dashboards, marketing tools, and mobile box office and point-of-sale tools through Eventbrite Organiser.
“In the live music industry, back office inefficiencies eat directly into already tight profit margins, and distract venues from delivering experiences that keep fans coming back time and time again,” said Greg Patterson, director of Music and Live Events at Eventbrite, and former CEO and co-founder of Queue. “The business of running a successful live music venue is rife with tasks that take too much time, but fortunately, inefficiency is a problem technology can solve, and Eventbrite Venue does just that.”

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