Frank Recruitment Group appoints Initials to global internal branding overhaul

Initials has  announced its appointment by Frank Recruitment Group to handle the overhaul of its internal branding across five markets and 12 offices worldwide.

Initials was selected following a recommendation from The Gap Partnership. The brief comes as a result of the recruitment leader’s desire to improve its employee value programme, and future-proof the company’s internal branding in the face of changing employee demands and priorities.

Working closely with the HR department, Initials will be involved from conception through to delivery, using its expertise to navigate a complex and diverse global market. The programme will stem from redefined core values and will involve corresponding changes to internal communications, branding and office environments.

Success of the project will be measured on staff retention rates and the how employees react on an emotional level when interviewed about the changes.

Richard Barrett, managing director at Initials said: “Supporting the team at Frank Recruitment Group is a really exciting 2018 project for the team at Initials as their employee values align with our own agency culture. It is a great win for the agency and the relationship is a testament to our ability to deal with complex client issues based on macro-economic trends and flexibility across multiple international markets.”

Georgina Casas, employee brand director at Frank Recruitment Group said: “It’s no secret that the employee/employer relationship has evolved. As a leader in the recruitment industry we wanted to ensure that our own employee value programme permeates the whole organisation. Initials’ success with The Gap Partnership and the strength of their relationship spoke volumes and we are delighted to have them as strategic partners for this journey.”

The international work will be activated globally following Frank Recruitment’s global conference in June.


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