MetaShieldClean coating repels dirt, dust, and stains on consumer packaging and allows for easy cleaning

MetaShield LLC, an innovator in the field of advanced materials, has announced the launch of MetaShieldClean, a fully
transparent, nanotechnology-based coating that repels a significant amount of the stains, dust and dirt which typically accumulate on consumer packaging during ordinary use. The patent-pending coating is ideal for the cosmetics industry, where the appearance of the product post-sale enhances and preserves brand value.

“Cosmetics companies understand that the package is their face to the world, and products that make consumers look fabulous should also look fabulous, even after purchase and everyday use,” said Martin Ben-Dayan, CEO of MetaShield LLC.

The innovative MetaShieldClean formula also has a low volatile organic compounds (VOC) high solids content, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to other aqueous or solvent-based clear coatings.

“Competition within the cosmetics industry is fierce, with considerable investments being made in brand image and package design,” continues Ben-Dayan.

“Manufacturers realize that to maintain consumer loyalty, the high quality perception of their products also needs to extend beyond the point of purchase, and address the overall consumer experience. MetaShieldClean enables designer cosmetics vessels to maintain their beauty and brilliant artistry well after purchase by dramatically reducing the accumulation of dirt and smears.”

Since MetaShieldClean can be applied to most surfaces, it is also an ideal solution for a variety of other consumer products in industries where it is vital to keep surface components clean. Examples include electronics, vanities and makeup storage containers, appliances, and even the growing number of sensors that are instrumental in Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled

MetaShield’s research team tested MetaShieldClean by applying the nanotech coating to cosmetics packaging and exposing them to common sources of dirt, dust and staining agents – including blush, foundation, eye shadow, nail polish, and even permanent markers. In addition to repelling dirt and stains, MetaShieldClean-coated products have been shown to be much easier and faster to clean in lab testing.

Currently, most plastic packaging is coated with commonplace UV lacquers whose primary function is to enhance scuff and scratch durability. In addition to enhancing cleanliness, MetaShieldClean has also proven to be more scratch and scuff resistant than the standard coatings used by consumer packaging manufacturers in cosmetics and other industries.

MetaShieldClean’s anti-dirt and anti-stain function also serves to reduce the microbes and germs on coated surfaces, and protects against chemicals such as acetone, ethanol, isopropanol and lacquer thinner.

“MetaShieldClean addresses the irony that the very makeup which enhances a person’s beauty often clings to the packaging, giving it a dirty appearance in the purse, handbag, or makeup cabinet,” said Ben-Dayan. “Companies invest far too much to create and sustain a brand image, only to have their valuable logos smudged over.”

MetaShieldClean is currently available for sale and distribution. The company also announced the availability of one liter sample kits, which are often used by prospective OEMs for testing prior to quantity purchases. The proprietary nanotechnology-enabled formula is competitively priced and designed for turnkey implementation into high-throughput manufacturing. The formula is easily spray coated and UV cured using commercially available equipment and methods, allowing for simple end-to-end application in minutes.

“MetaShieldClean is technologically superior, yet similarly priced to common UV lacquers,” said Ben-Dayan. “Its properties provide a fantastic competitive edge to cosmetics industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, branding professionals, and third-party cosmetic design firms. We have received tremendous feedback from the consumer product space.”

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