New tech focused staffing agency, Experience Engine, launches

Experience Engine is a new world promotional staffing agency specialising in Tech and International led activations for businesses across sectors with high aspirations in these areas.

We believe that Experiences come first. Every time. The role of a ‘Brand Ambassador’ has never been more prevalent, as brands looks to differentiate and communicate their brand messages.

Julie Beze, the co-founder of Experience Engine comments “As technology weaves its way into every part of our lives, we felt that the world of promotional staffing was firmly rooted in the 90s with archaic processes and people. Welcome to Experience Engine, a hub for tech savvy, bright promotional staff and a back office that is efficient and tech based. We exist to help brands integrate their campaigns across multiple countries and communicate with consumers in the new age of tech.

We call our promotional staff ‘Experience Engineers’, because they are practical, tech savvy and highly efficient. They won’t be working with you unless they have a true interest in your message.”
Through a mix of careful selection, robust training and prompt payment, Engine Experience have recruited a network of 1,200 energetic European Engineers working in all major EU cities.

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