Poppyscotland embarks on poppy seed hand out

Charity Poppyscotland will be handing out Seed Sticks to members of the public at a wide variety of events in the coming year as they seek to promote their life-changing services for the Armed Forces community in a new way.  Best known for running the Scottish Poppy Appeal, Poppyscotland will use Seed Sticks to help maintain visibility and boost awareness throughout the rest of the year, particularly to those who have served, those still serving and their families who need the charity’s support.  The seed sticks come in matchbooks and contain poppy seeds – when stuck in the ground or in a pot, they will grow into red poppies.

Fraser Bedwell, head of marketing at Poppyscotland said: “We know that our beneficiaries can be reluctant to come forward and ask for help.  Having something innovative and discreet like the Seed Sticks is a powerful reminder that Poppyscotland will always be there for them. Since they first grew amongst the devastation of the First World War battlefields, poppies have always symbolised remembrance, hope and renewal. We hope that those who need help today will see their own poppies grow, which will in turn encourage them to come forward so that Poppyscotland can support them towards a better future”.

Jamie Gray, new business director at Buddy Burst, comments: “We’re delighted to work with our first charity, Poppyscotland. We believe our poppy Seed Sticks will promote their brand in a unique and relevant way whilst helping them to continue raising over £3 million each year.”

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