Projection Artworks installs interactive poster-mapping spectacular for BT Sports at UEFA Champions League Final

BT previously announced its plans to once again make this season’s UEFA Champions League Final the ultimate viewing experience and available to all on TV, online and in 360-degree virtual reality.  To add to the spectacle in Cardiff and virtual engagement across the UK, Projection Artworks and BT Sport  teamed up to build a giant interactive poster-mapping projection.

Designed specifically for the match by Projection Artworks, the  50-meter poster of Welsh football hero and BT Ambassador Gareth Bale, will tower over the Cardiff skyline from the second tallest building in Cardiff BT Stadium House, which overlooks the Principality Stadium.

The bespoke design will act as a canvas for the interactive poster-mapping show, whereby Projection Artworks will bring the poster to life through projection and the moderated custom-made twitter system. Excited fans can tweet or post their selfies with hashtag #RoadtoCardiff and receive video reply of their comments projected onto the poster. This is another intelligent way for fans to be involved, especially for those who may be unable to attend.

The projected designs also created by specialist projection-mapping artists in the Projection Artworks studio. Rachel McLean, Account Director, Projection Artworks explains why it is important the content for the poster and projection was created in-house at their studio:

“The poster needed to be created by a graphic designer, familiar with working with large scale print, but with the influence of how it would be brought to life using specialist projection mapping tricks and techniques, and how we could highlight and pull out details to create depth and interest.

We also needed to think about where tweets and selfies could be displayed with clarity, without creating a huge blank space on part of the poster that would look out of place.

As night falls, the poster springs to life. We project main design details of the poster but this time with dynamicity and depth through additional effects, also highlighting more subtle details throughout. Lighting swipes and swooshes were added for smooth transitions and the UEFA star will glimmer with life as embers burn up at the base of the poster.

It’s going to be magnificent!”

The animation for BT Sport will tell the journey of the UEFA Champions League through footage captured by BT showcasing key celebratory moments, behind the scenes studio clips and fan reactions, before fan tweets and posts.

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