Stellar and Mash Staffing merge to drive retail experiences forwards together

Mash Staffing a regular FMBE award winning staff provider, and retail experience agency Stellar have come together in a powerful merger, pooling their extensive retail industry knowledge and expertise.

Under the Stellar name and brand, the collaboration of the two agencies will bring an impressive global retail offering, changing how people experience and buy brands, products and services.

Emma Ede, CEO of Stellar, said: “Retail experiences need to deliver direct and immediate commercial results. Stellar’s European footprint and innovative approach to driving clients’ bottom line growth at pace, fused with Mash’s extensive staffing network, industry leading retail experience and impressive client base make us a dynamic combined entity.”

In a rapidly changing world where experiential retail is growing across Europe at an exponential rate, Stellar will deliver the complete package from strategy and concept design, to providing exceptional retail experience specialists and optimising performance based on real time analytics.

Client Relations Director, Phil Edelston, said “Over the last five years Mash has evolved to become the UK’s leading retail experience staffing agency. Our merger with Stellar enables us to provide a more extensive offering, and I am excited by the additional value we will now be able to offer our clients.”

Experts in omnichannel retail experiences, Stellar will enable clients to succeed across all platforms and markets, providing rapid, actionable insights throughout the journey to facilitate efficiency and increase profitability.

Operating in ten countries and eight languages, Stellar will represent a broad and diverse  client base including Sage Appliances, Samsung, Nike, Beats, Lavazza, BMW and Peloton.

Tanya Weller, Director of Samsung Showcase, Samsung Electronics UK said about the merger, “Mash have proven their expertise in retail experience staffing, and the operations that underpin that. As the industry continues to be challenged, I believe the concept of retail experience will grow, and adapt, in ways we can’t yet fully predict. This merger of two successful agencies with complementary skills will ensure Stellar stays one step ahead, and I’m excited by what added value they’ll be able to offer us in the future.”

David Gubbin, GM Europe at Sage Appliances said about the merger, “We’ve got our message to consumers on point.  But right now, more than ever the way we have to find and talk to our customers has to change daily.  With Stellar and Mash, we further improve our abilities to pivot from physical retail, to virtual retail and further into many more physical virtual D2C opportunities, across all European countries at the drop of a hat. We know our message, the audience is moving, with Stellar we’ve now got a model that works for the new consumer wherever in the world they may be.”

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