Father’s Day Insight: 46 Percent of UK Shoppers Plan to Spend More this Year – Savvy

Creative, retail and shopper marketing agency Savvy, have today announced the findings of its Father’s Day shopper panel research. The findings indicate that UK shoppers’ interest in celebrating the occasion stands at 52 percent and that spending plans are up on 2017 figures, with total expenditure on the event forecasted to reach £799 million.

Alastair Lockhart, insight director at Savvy commented: “Father’s Day marks the end of a solid performance for the events calendar during the first half of 2018, which has provided some positivity in an otherwise challenging retail market. Following on from the feel-good warm weather of May and early June, and overlapping the start of the World Cup, Father’s Day looks set for a strong sales performance. Our research suggests record breaking sales for the event with more people than ever looking for personalised gifts and shopping online – especially using smartphones.”

Key findings:

  • The shoppers getting involved in the event:
    • 48 percent are male shoppers; 56 percent are women.
    • Shoppers aged 35-44 are most likely to getting involved (68 percent) followed by those aged 18-24 (63 percent).
    • Shoppers located in the North of the UK are more likely to engage (59 percent). Just 49 percent of shoppers living in the South will join in.
  • Among those planning to get involved with Father’s Day:  
    • 86 percent say they consider it a special event with 77 percent citing it being a day which the family spends together. 69 percent also say they look forward to it.
    • 70 percent of shoppers are bored by the Father’s Day products in shops and think they lack inspiration. Interestingly 58 percent of shoppers say that they would spend more for Father’s Day if better gifts were available.
    • 69 percent of shoppers agree that they ‘don’t mind spending more’ to make Father’s Day special.
    • 56 percent of shoppers will be organising Father’s day gifts for other family members (e.g. children, siblings, parents).
    • 46 percent plan to spend more on Father’s day this year than in 2017.
  • How Father’s Day shopper’s will be spending: 
    • Planning what to buy ahead of the day is on the cards for 65 percent of shoppers and 47 will be leaving gift purchasing to the last minute.
    • 73 percent expect to shop instore in the run up to Father’s day – rising to 77 of women and also the plan for 69 percent of shoppers aged 18-34.
    • 72 percent will be going online to look for ideas and 68 percent of shoppers are planning to purchase via this channel.
    • 45 percent will be trading up to buy more expensive food and drinks to celebrate the occasion.
    • Buying a personalised gift is on the cards for 46 percent of shoppers – up eight percent on 2017 figures. Of particular interest is that this rises to 70 percent of shoppers aged 18-35.
    • Using a smartphone to research or shop for products will be carried out by 57 percent of shoppers. 
  • Shoppers are getting their inspiration for Father’s Day presents from:
    • A retailer’s website (63 percent of Father’s Day shoppers) or other website (57 percent).
    • A text message conversation with a friend or family member – 44 percent.
    • 36 percent will be inspired by a WhatsApp chat with a friend or family member.
    • A printed magazine/newspaper would be the place to look for 31 percent of shoppers.
    • 28 percent of shoppers would have WhatsApp conversations with a friend/family member.
    • Other social media shoppers were looking to for ideas included Facebook (34 percent), YouTube (27 percent) and Instagram (25 percent).


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