Forward Features 2020

Field Marketing (and Brand X) 2020 Forward Features

Advertising and editorial deadlines, 19th of month prior to the publication month.

Field Marketing and Brand Expeeience magazine offers print fluidity, appearing in print when demand requires it. The next two issues in print are as below.

September 2020 (Autumn)

Healthy Living Edition

Collected case studies and thought leader essays from across the Field Marketing and Brand Experience sector.

Relevant Brands – food and drink for healthy living and wellbeing, health, beauty, wellness, fashion, technology that facilitates fitness and wellness, environmentally advanced products, travel, sports, music.

The issue will also showcase the finalists of the 2020 FMBE Awards

December (Winter)

FMBE Award Gold, Silver and Bronze winners analysed

Review of the most groundbreaking news and case studies from 2020.

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