Insight: Marketing Trends – 2018 Will Be the Year of Experience, Bizzabo

Bizzabo has published a report in partnership with EventMB on “The Rise of Moment Marketing in Events.” The report delivers a complete overview on the rising trend of Moment Marketing, and how organisations can use it to drive activations, registrations, conversions and desired actions among key audiences.

Events have evolved into strategic tools that deliver brand messages and change the behaviour of those attending. One trend that is quickly evolving into a full-fledged marketing strategy is “Moment Marketing,” which capitalizes on the immediate needs of an audience by having just the right message delivered at just the right moment. While it appears to be spontaneous, and sometimes it is, most often these actions are planned out well in advance in order to generate great viral potential.

Google first defined micro-moments in 2015: “They’re the moments when we turn to a device — often a smartphone — to take action on whatever we need or want right now. These I-want-to- know, I-want-to-go, I-want-to-buy and I-want-to-do moments are loaded with intent, context, and immediacy.”

Today, Moment Marketing is challenging traditional marketing strategy to move the attention directly into the moment when audiences will feel the need to take action. Event planners and event marketers need a shift in their marketing approach to make the most of these opportunities.

Download the full report on Moment Marketing, available on the Bizzabo website, to learn about this marketing strategy trend.

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