Fanomena GmbH and Leipziger Messe GmbH embark on two year partnership

Fanomena logo littleLeipziger Messe GmbH, which, amongst others, hosts the DreamHack in Leipzig, embarked on a long-term partnership with Fanomena. Until 2018, all visitors, participants, and gamers will receive essential information about the event and offers of sponsors digitally.

The DreamHack in Leipzig is the three-day gaming festival in the German speaking area. The Fanomena and Leipziger Messe, the festival organiser,

created a concept which, by using a digital goodie bag, simplifies and accelerates the communication with festival visitors. The new process is

based on a software developed by Fanomena and creates a new communication platform which is used to share interactive content about the DreamHack, the DreamExpo, and the DreamShop as well as event-related offers from sponsors and exhibitors. Additionally, the Leipziger Messe informs its visitors about important basic and additional information about the Gaming Festival.

All gamers and visitors can access the web-based platform regardless of their location, time zone, and device type.

The project also included a client-specific feature which was added to the software to increase the visual response.

“We are looking forward to our long-term partnership. The DreamHack is a special event – because of both its topic and audience“ says Marc Grewenig, co-founder of the Fanomena GmbH. “Our goal is to deliver additional value for the Leipziger Messe GmbH, the sponsors of the DreamHack and to furnish its participants, attendees, and gamers with the information they are actually interested in.”

“Within the frameworks of the DreamHack Leipzig, the Leipziger Messe GmbH cooperated with Fanomena for the first time to add value for our exhibitors and festival visitors. The cooperation was absolutely uncomplicated and trouble-free. Both our partners and exhibitors were equally thrilled by the concept of a paperless alternative to the goodie bag. We are looking forward to continuing the cooperation next year”, says Christian Gute, project director at DreamHack Leipzig.

The partnership between the Fanomena and the Leipziger Messe was formed at the beginning of 2017 and the software has already been used at the DreamHack Leipzig 2017. It will also be used for the DreamHack Leipzig 2018. By adding this new platform, the festival broadens its portfolio in the areas of digital information transmission and sustainability and sets an authentic example for esports events worldwide.

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