Lippincott Exhibition makes its North American Debut

Branding pioneer Lippincott, the creative consultancy behind the Campbell’s soup can, the Starbucks Siren and the Coca-Cola ribbon, announced the North American debut of its exhibition at the Condé Nast Gallery in New York City following its debut at the London Design Festival 2015.

Like me: Our bond with brands examines society’s evolving and complex relationship with brands. Through sculpture, pop art, painting and digital media, the exhibition challenges visitors to reconsider the role of brand in their own lives. The exhibition was previously seen in London’s Design Museum.

“At Lippincott, for the last seven decades, we have been deeply involved in the way in which brands have shaped culture,” states Heather Stern, chief marketing and talent officer at Lippincott. “Through this exhibition, we want to give visitors a fresh perspective on the way brand influences our lives today, while exposing the significant changes we see on the horizon. Whether consciously or not, we all play a role in shaping the major force brands have become and we’re inviting both brand builders and bystanders to reflect on this shifting dynamic.”

The show will feature several never before seen exhibits curated and designed by Lippincott, including a provocative take on the history of brand, a playful look at today’s selfie culture and an installation on brand’s future. It will also include a series of watercolours by the renowned artist Don Nice and an original sculpture from Brooklyn artist Michael Murphy, both of which explore the relationship between brand, identity and culture.

‘Like me’ is the first interactive exhibition held at the Condé Nast Gallery, located on the 34th floor of 1 World Trade Center. Home to some of the world’s most iconic media brands and influencers, this impressive space offers 180-degree views of lower Manhattan and its landmarks.

“We are truly excited to host Lippincott’s ‘Like me’ exhibit at the Condé Nast Gallery,” said Erica Boeke, head of strategic brand experiences at Condé Nast. “The interactive, thought-provoking content is unlike anything we have ever hosted, and we think Condé Nast is the perfect venue to have a conversation on the future of brands.”

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