SAScon brings chatbot to conference

SAScon has become the first UK conference to be supported by a comprehensive Facebook Messenger bot, transforming the way delegates can interact with the event.

The leading search, analytics and social media event, taking place in Manchester on 16 and 17 June 2016, will be launching SASbot at the conference; a Facebook Messenger chatbot that delivers automated support, information and interactive experiences.

SASbot has been designed to connect and interact with delegates at the event and features up to 30 standard functions, such as responding to greetings, learning the delegate’s name and answering personally a range of questions about the conference.

Guests will be encouraged to ask SASbot any questions they may have about the event, such as parking, when the next coffee break is, directions to the venue and social event, to information on the headline sponsors, UKFast, and which speaker will be on next.

Through the Messenger Platform’s new send/receive API, SASbot will respond with structured messages that include images, links and calls to action, allowing for rich, interactive experiences. For instance, it can link to Twitter so delegates will be able to directly Tweet speakers or event organisers using the SAScon hashtag.

SASbot, which has been designed by myclever Lab the innovation hub of myclever Agency, also includes a number of easter eggs to entertain delegates during the event, and the bot will feature a gamification element to encourage users to search for more.

Delegates will be able to download SASbot by scanning a Messenger Code, a QR like scannable code, which will be provided to guests attending the event, or going online.

Richard Gregory, co-founder at SAScon, said: “We are so excited to launch SASbot at this year’s SAScon conference. Chatbots have become the biggest developments in the tech world, unlocking the ability to provide personalised, interactive experiences for users, and we are proud to be leading the way in this arena, becoming the first UK conference to offer this experience.”

Jim Meadows, head of product at myclever Lab, said: “SASbot will redefine how SAScon will interact and provide support to the attendees. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, combined with input from our team of skilled developers, we’ve developed SASbot to provide an easy to use, yet fun and interactive experience for delegates during the conference. In order to bring back results for all the questions added, SASbot has had to learn just shy of 800 variations, meaning it is a rather comprehensive Facebook Messenger bot.

“With over 900 million people now using Facebook Messenger, it means these type of chatbots are easily accessible and so we expect a large take-up at the event, especially because of the snap-to-chat convenience of the Messenger Code.”

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