Urban Nerds Collective announces Youth Marketing Conference

Youth marketing specialists, Urban Nerds Collective, has announced the date of Next Gen: LDN, a boutique youth marketing conference dedicated to understanding 16-24s.

Luke Hodson, Urban Nerds Collective founder, explains: “Current youth marketing conferences are dead. Next Gen: LDN is here to ensure brands truly understand and can credibly engage the next generation of young adults.

Tickets are limited and reserved for forward-thinking brand marketers only. No agencies. No press. No selling. No bullshit – just real talk.

This conference is a not-for-profit event with any net profit given as bursaries to the next generation of creative pioneers taking part.”

Urban Nerds will deliver an honest platform for exciting Gen-Z voices in culture and the commercial experiences of leading global brand marketers.

Highlights include:

  • Identity: What are the factories driving youth identities today and how do brands play a role?
  • Media: How are Gen Z utilising social media and what can brands learn from this?
  • Content: How to create content that cuts through the Gen Z landscape?
  • Experiential: Why are live experiences so important for Gen Z and how can brands win in this space?
  • Influence: How to shape trends and fuel demand authentically for Gen Z?

A panel of leading global brand marketeers and special guest live performances are to be announced. Talks, food and sounds will be provided by Gen Z cultural engineers.

Hodson continues: “ The conference will be an immersive exploration into Gen-Z mindsets and behaviours.

Built to inspire and inform brands who are stepping up to the challenge of engagement being presented by the next generation.”

Tickets can be purchased via the website.

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