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Spring 2024 – FMBE is 20!

Publishing Date – April/May 2024

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Autumn 2024 – FMBE Reaching the Nation – Frank’s Big Tour Of England

Published in November 2024

Participation fee – £1500 – £500 to FMBE, £1000 to Brathay Trust

The Summer of 2024: The Big Tour of England and Beyond

Inclusion is by participation only – this special edition covers the events, opinions, and profiles of all of Frank’s Big TOE supporters and well as commemorating the tour, day by day for all 64 days of the tour (62 running days, 2 preview days).

The magazine will also overview  the launch of Yvent, the charity launched by FMBE founder Frank Wainwright to help mentor and provide work experience and placements for deprived and disadvantaged young people.

The Big Tour of England

Momentum will build all Summer with our unique 2000 mile running tour to every English Cathedral City.

What we learned about the nation this summer, its retail centres, its shoppers, its festivals, its event venues, its brand ambassadors, its logistics, its sports events.  

Feature: Sports, health, wellbeing, the great outdoors

It is an Olympic year, so what did brands do to embrace the sports and wellbeing ethos.

The FMBE summer – UK, Europe, Global

Whilst England is the focus of the Big TOE run and roadshow, case studies from Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France (Olympic Year) and other summer events with international and global footprints are encouraged for inclusion by participants.