15 Minutes of FMBE


Frank Wainwright met Selina Donald, The Bulb to hear more the career and thoughts of one of the most sought after environmentalists in the events industry

The timeframes between environmental events sector organisation isla announcing its arrival on the scene and the first major sector specific announcement – the best practice guidelines package proseed was impressively brief. Membership groups very often get hung up on committee decisions that take an age to build something meaningful and constrictive. In that sense isla has been intense and dynamic in providing its members – many of whom are brand experience agencies and their suppliers – with something real and functional to reward their early faith.

Event agencies and suppliers sign up to isla

Sustainable event industry framework proseed launched by isla

Isla has achieved this with their own drive and gusto, and by knowing the right consultants to tap, including Bethan Riach, whose views on event travel we have already shared.

The proseed launch was also strongly supported the Selina Donald, The Bulb. Selina had been on the periphery of FMBE’s vision for a while and the proseed launch proved that she should have been much better known to us than that.

Selina is an events person through and through – with an exceptional CV showing strong associations with London and Rio Olympics as well as being a core events builder for ITV Events. Here’s her Linked In profile.

And  here’s a flavour of British House the venue that was used to promote Britain at the Rio Olympics.



Frank Wainwright met Katie Traxton, Chief Communications Officer, Formula E

This is a recording of the live interview with Katie from Monday 17th May 2021, soon after a dramatic Formula E-Prix at Monaco. The E-Prix highlights of that race are below.

Katie Traxton (Twitter @ktraxton) is an avid motor racing fan and a builder of experiences. In this inter view she talked to FMBE’s Frank Wainwright about her love of motorsport, the experiential and film making work she did when leading Castrol’s global sponsorship programme, her pride in gold award-winning FMBE work with agency Fearless where she rose to managing partner, and her current work with Formula E.

Currently she is a big enthusiast for influencers, championing the Offset, Formula E’s eclectic mix of social talent who share Formula E’s excitement whilst upholding the strong principles that underpin this forward-thinking race series and brand.

You can read about The Offset here

Here’s a look at Take the Plunge, an FMBE award winning content creation event for Bridgestone, from Katie’s time at We Are Fearless that shows how to use sponsored talent in an intimate and engaging way, starring the wonderful gold medal diving Olympian, Chris Mears.

Here’s a film from Katie’s era at Castrol. This time the connection with the talent is rather more high voltage.

And finally, here are those Monaco E-Prix 2021 highlights that prove that real racing and overtaking can certainly still take place on the fabled street circuit.


Frank Wainwright, FMBE met Huib van Bockel, Founder of Tenzing Natural Energy

15 minutes in this case was a worthy but failed ambition. This recording is some 26 minutes in length, a significant overshoot, but I expect you’ll soon excuse it. Not only is it a first go at this for me, but my first subject is one of the true landmark marketers in brand experience marketing. As head of marketing at Red Bull and author of The Social Brand (2015) he’s a much sought after commentator with a marketing pedigree that is extremely relevant to the circumstances we are currently facing. At Red Bull, Huib brought much that he had learned at MTV, helping to make the energy drink into a media content creator. Red Bull’s Revolutions in Sound (2013) was one of the best-known creations of the marketing team at the time, and one which showed an ahead of its time appreciation of hybrid events and a pioneering use of streaming.

In this interview the focus is very much on the here and now, and on how Huib has built a product and brand that is passionately authentic with a desire to be close to nature and embrace environmental impact. The plant-based recipe and carbon positive embrace of Tenzing is documented here.

The interview digs into its authenticity, from the Tenzing family in Nepal through to its clean air Strava app.

In the interview we also learn about the challenges that the brand has met during lockdown, and – towards the end of our chat, some of the field marketing and retail presence aims of Tenzing.