Harriet Cramer Blog: T’is the season to be immersive

It’s the most wonderful time of year for anyone in the experiential and retail industries. Christmas brings a flurry of fresh new campaigns, all striving to be the most talked about.

For a lot of people, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas until they see the giant Coca-Cola truck on their television screens or their social media stream blowing up with emotional responses to the annual offering from John Lewis.

In the world of experiential marketing however, Christmas is all about joy. One of this year’s finest examples is the Cadbury Advent Calendar. 24 Cadbury trucks are surprising the public up and down the country by delivering a live experience at a new location, that is revealed via Twitter in the every morning. So far experiences have included a secret cinema screening in Peterborough and a Chocolate grotto in Liverpool. The suspense is held by keeping the next location so closely under wraps. It is my favourite campaign of the season, but it still has its work cut out to be amongst the best ever.

Two of FMBE’s most loved seasonal brand experiences from the past are shown below. Both campaigns are exciting, immersive and most importantly joyous, but which of them do you wish you had been involved with?

In the Canadian corner stands Westjet’s big budget Christmas Miracle: real-time giving, and from Korea, The North Face’s fully immersive virtual reality experience.



Vote for your favourite by clicking the link below.


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