POOL 1: The Brand Experience Awards Creative Campaign of the Decade

The Brand Experience Awards Creative Campaign of the Decade

Sponsored by Avantgarde

Pool 1

This is online Pool 1 of the 2014 Brand Experience Creative Campaign of the Decade award, an award which culminates in a LIVE final in front of 4 judges and an audience online via Google Hangouts on October 21st 2014.

How this competition works

Just 4 finalists will emerge to be chosen from 2 ‘pools’, 8 in each pool.  The finalists will be chosen by a judge’s score in combination with our site visitor poll, the top two from each pool proceeding to the live final. A panel of 25 independent expert judges are engaged for aiding the online process. Fieldmarketing.com site visitors can also vote for their favourite campaigns using this survey form. Anyone can vote, but voting is weighted to minimise the influence of social media ‘vote for me’ campaigning. VOTE VIA THIS LINK.

The four finalists will be announced on this site on Thursday 16th October.

Online voting will be open for the same amount of time for each pool. Pool 1 is open Tuesday 30th September 1pm (GMT) – Sunday 5th October 12 noon (GMT).

For each entry there is a video or slideshow presentation and text that outlines 3 steps: The Brand Challenge, The Big Creative Idea and Why it Worked.

Pool 1 – Contenders (click video or text to shortcut or scroll down)

AMVBBDO  with Walkers – video  – Text

DeVries SLAM & MKTG with Beats by Dr Dre – video – Text

Ignition with Coca Cola – video – Text

Kinetic with Lynx –  video – Text

psLIVE with The Croods – video– Text

Sledge with Innocent – video S

Slice with Kelloggs – video –

TRO with Lucozade Sport – video

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