Experiential Answers: Part 2 of the series

Brand X magazine reader questions answered by Sally Durcan, MD, Hotcow

1. Is Opportunity To See a meaningful statistic?

In my opinion, no. The value for experiential is that you can provide very insightful and robust measurement responses for the client. Opportunity to See is basically the footfall numbers and this relies on foolproof statistics from the site owner but does not guarantee how many people are going to interact with you or even walk past your activity. *

2. Is a Facebook ‘like’ of any real value?

It is a very interesting debate around likeonomics at the moment but essentially it is about defining what real value means for you? A like can mean something as simple as someone noticing you to someone being a real influencer. If you add real value to these people you are more likely to help them “choose you” over your other brands.

3. What is best practice for storing/recycling/disposing excess stock after a food or drink sampling roadshow?

Excess stock should be given back to the brand owner and/or an option of what should be done. If the brand owner does not want the stock because it is considered old stock or out of date then giving this to a local charity/s is a great option for supporting your local community.

4. Should my agency hold environmental certification?

That depends on the sustainability policy of your company and the importance / impact this may have on your sustainability index/CSR report.

5. Do all agencies pay promotional staff the same rates? (not including those with specialist skills)?

No. All agencies have a different selection criteria and a different pay rate for the staff they employ.

*If you would like more information on type of measurement criteria for your brand please contact me directly to discuss. For more insight from Hotcow including the Mootalk blog visit www.hotcow.co.uk

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