Insight: IDM-DMA Employability – As consumers become more attached to the digital world, the marketing industry must follow-

Ahead of the first Creative Data Academy in Scotland, the MD of IDM-DMA Employability says marketing needs to keep up with consumers when it comes to digital adoption. Sponsored by Camelot, REaD Group, DM Trust, Data IQ and RAPP, the Creative Data Academy was launched in 2013 to offer these students access to the training they need to succeed in their first role in the data-driven creative industries.

Data and digital skills have fast become an integral part of marketing and advertising, creating a need across the industry for more people with the right combination of ability and creativity to help fill the gap. As a result, this part of the industry has fast become a leading employer of students with backgrounds in maths, social sciences, human behaviour, insight, technology and analysis.

Kate Burnett, MD at IDM-DMA Employability, said: “As consumers become more attached to the digital world, the marketing and advertising industry must follow. We need to adapt to the growing digital age and ensure we have the right talent entering our industry to keep pace with this changing world. Creative Data Academy was originally launched to open new routes to our industry to the data-skilled students the sector needs and its extension to Scotland this year is a sign of the programme’s success.”

Creative Data Academy 2017 will take place in both Edinburgh and London, with each event offering 30 students a free 3-day course of workshops to explore graduate career paths in data, within the marketing and advertising industry. This year’s attendees will have the chance to learn from leading figures in the data-driven creative industries, including entrepreneur and Founder of Nicholas Oliver and Deputy Chair of the DMA Caroline Worboys.

Scott Logie, Customer Engagement Director at REaD Group, said: “We sponsored the Data Academy last year and were astounded at the calibre of the students we met. REaD Group were lucky to recruit two of the attendees and both have already made a difference to our company. We are proud to be sponsoring again this year.”

Melanie Howard, Committee Chair of the DM Trust’s Derek Holder Legacy Fund, said: “The DM Trust is particularly proud to support this vital initiative in bringing new talent and skills to the industry in an area where it needs it most. Our focus is on funding greater access where gaps exist to the benefit of individuals and the industry, so the Creative Data Academy is a great match for our objectives.”

This year’s Creative Data Academy in London will take place on 10-12 April and Edinburgh on 19-21 April. The events are free to students, with accommodation and food all included, thanks to sponsorship from Camelot, REaD Group, DM Trust, Data IQ and RAPP – with additional support from Gemini for the London event and MBN in Edinburgh.

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