Insight:Top brands and trends at MWC- Matt Cross, UK MD, Hotwire

Matt Cross, UK MD at Hotwire, shares his thoughts on how certain tech companies have resurfaced, as well as the rise of 5G and IoT, at a conference that used to be all about just mobile handsets.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year saw some big names remove themselves from the conversation and instead, a sense of nostalgia hit the headlines. The unexpected rise of some old school tech titans drove big conversations across the media and social channels last week, particularly on Twitter.

Looking at tweets in association with the hashtag #MWC17, Hotwire’s insights and analytics reveal:

  • Top 3 brands being talked about
  • Top 5 trends being mentioned
  • Overall volume of tweets

Quite a change from the top 10 brands that were talked about at MWC 2016, which are listed below.

MWC 2017 – Social Media Stats & Analysis

Overall MWC 2017 tweets – 196,684


Top 5 trends of MWC 2017

  1. IoT – 16,927
  2. 5G – 10,285
  3. Mobile – 6,036
  4. Robotic cars – 2,999
  5. AI – 2,337

Top 3 brands of MWC 2017

  1. Nokia – 6,730
  2. Intel – 4,420
  3. Huawei – 3,831

Top 3 brands of MWC 2016

  1. Lenovo – 17,729
  2. Intel – 13,598
  3. IBM – 5,441

MWC 2017 has been all about surprises. In the past we have seen the likes LG and Samsung launching products at the show that took the conference by storm. This year, Nokia was king with both consumers and the mobile industry loving the sense of nostalgia of the rebirth of the 3310. The comeback of the new 3310 was a contrast to other launches at the conference, serving as a reminder for everyone who had the phone years ago that Nokia is still a go-to trustworthy brand. Interestingly, MWC wasn’t such a success for everyone in the industry, with Lenovo dropping out of the top three brands this year. Nokia’s comeback could be blamed for the lack of buzz around the household names, but the increased interest in other technology such as robotic cars and IoT indicates that the traditional players will have a bigger hill to climb in keeping the attention on them during the conference in the future.

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