Researching Samsung – Brandspace

When Brandspace came to me with insight revelations about a recent brand campaign the last brand I expected it to be about was Samsung, currently the fastest growing brand – in terms of recognition – globally.

Samsung’s Olympic product activations have been a locked casket to the media so far, so to hear that Brandspace had gained full permission to support the event they helped to host in St Pancras with research and to share the results with our readers, was nothing short of a revelation.

A PDF of the recent coverage of the case study in FM&BE magazine is here

But more than that, the questions that Brandspace’s researchers delved into went outside the norm, beyond things we could guess at, and opened up insight into the activity that quite possibly Samsung themsleves would not have been aware of.

Propensity to purchase is the sort of insight that research might be primed to produce, but speed of propensity to purchase was truly interesting and valuable data to read about. If brand experience marketing can lay claim to hastening consumer buying decisions then that is a gem of insight for retailers currently watching the cycle of spend and save slowing down to a point that is damaging their cashflow and forcing them towards more fire sales.

Research that shows a change in attitude or behaviour can be very useful for campaign proposals.


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