Supplying added value – SpaceandPeople

As Spring becomes official the number of brand experience campaigns about the place begins to step up. In line with that I expect to see a number of Brand Experience supply busineses show how they are stepping up their game in terms of how they support the industry.

Last week’s news about the launch of SpaceandPeoplePlus is a great case in point, a supplier business that is really thinking about its role for the good of the industry in line with securing its own future. Growing the industry should be a lot more productive long term than scrapping to win existing business off each other.

Some of FM&BE’s best suppliers have insight and information that is capable of really adding value. They facilitate events,  build the brand stages, train and deliver the staff, connect the logistics and collect the data The simple evidence of shopping centre footfall figures provided by SpaceandPeople for a new regular column in Field Marketing has proved to be mini-revelation for some agencies, a debate sparker.

Seeing the data (if you missed it, here is the PDF from the magazine) has inspired as many questions as answers. Footfall going up conflicts with the economic doldrums – or does it? Are the top ten shopping centres also delivering above average results for retailers?  Or perhaps window shopping has become a bigger antional past time? And if it has, are window shoppers desirable for brands? Are ‘little and often’ shoppers in fact the most likely to add brand value?

Some of these questions can be answered with further digging, whilst some remain open to speculation, but it is nice to see the debate start, and to hear rumours of new campaigns aiming to reach out to the growing audience.

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