StreetPR invests 2% of turnover into quality control

James Rix - littleOn top of carrying out its usual checks on ongoing campaigns, StreetPR has made a public commitment to staff quality by announcing the launch of a new team dedicated to closely monitoring the behaviour and performance of its brand ambassadors.

Representing the face of a brand and being its key point of direct consumer contact means it’s vital for brand ambassadors to perform consistently well.  To reassure potential clients of the high quality of its staff, StreetPR has pledged to invest 2% of its annual revenue on the close monitoring of its brand ambassadors.

“The quality of staff in experiential campaigns is more critical to client success than arguably in any other marketing discipline,” said StreetPR founder James Rix. “We wanted to publicly acknowledge this to show the important role we play for brands in directly engaging with the people who matter most, and to prove our commitment to consistently high standards by revealing that we are dedicating a significant proportion of our turnover to monitoring and measurement.”

StreetPR’s new team will constantly check on promotional staff performance and campaign effectiveness through both visible and ‘mystery shopper’ techniques to ensure its well-trained brand ambassadors stay on top of their game.


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