The FMBE awards – my personal top100 (80-76)

80 Reach, Energizer Wilkinson Sword (2007 Merchandising and Compliance)

This was a tale of how the challenger brands to market leaders Duracell and Gillette compete effectively even though ATL advertising spend for the challenger trails a long way behind.

Reach showed how a 32 strong team, armed with what was then state of the art IT reporting Pentablets, and store by store data, could massively cut down call time whilst solving more problems per call.

The case study was a very neat argument in favour of efficient outsourcing and a great justification of FM spend in preference to ATL.

79 Catalyst (now Wax Communications), McVities (2005, Integrated)

“Dunk for Britain” was a 2004 campaign led by live marketing. 7 years on, quite how dunking biscuits got the nation so excited seems hard to fathom, but they did. 13 million people went through this experience and the sales results were fantastic.

Perhaps the brilliance was the simplicity – an elevation of sampling by offering drinks AND biscuits together.

Tea and biscuits – it’s what any decent British person offers their guests on arrival. This was brand experience marketing writ large – and it struck right at the core of a cultural psyche in a way that many puffed up experiential campaigns since have failed to do.

78 FSS, Cadbury (2010, Merchandising and Compliance)

The display gains were bewildering. FSS made Easter 2010 into a Crème Egg festival in stores nationwide. Easter is such a key selling period and Cadbury had to cope with an early Easter weekend. FSS made 6643 visits in four weeks and created 30,894 additional displays.

The result – record sales figures (in spite of the curtailed selling period) that showed just how much affect instore displays have in the impulse sector. Superb field marketing.

77 iBlink, Gillette (2009 Innovative Campaign)

I don’t think iBlink expected to win Gold with this, but they did. When the shortlist was announced. CMW and Lotus looked hot favourites, but our judges found more to admire from an innovation perspective, with the neat customer journey integration deployed by iBlink.

iBlink helped male consumers make the journey from the promotional staff to the instore promotions in Superdrug. It was all supported with GPS text based location messaging and bluecasting. Independent research showed that the successful campaign has also hit the right note with the digital recipients.

Soon after this award the agency was consumed by Bray Leino.

76 Legacy Marketing, Glenlivet (2005, International)

The audacity of this US tour, a pop up 9 hole golf course and bar, made mouths drop open when people first heard about it. In 2004-5 the US had the clear lead in terms of boldness in our sector.

It raised the bar in terms of ambition. Whilst others have matched and surpassed that in recent years, few have yet to pull off the blend of B2B and B2C appeal. This was a press and corporate hospitality tour as much as a consumer one – something for urban/commercial district shopping centres to think about.

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