The FMBE awards – my personal top100 (75-71)

75 IMS, The Guardian (2006, Tactical)

When the Guardian decided to change paper size it supported the move with a big advertising push, but the move was also cloaked in mystery.

It was a crucial time for the newspaper and for newspapers in general as modern lifestyles put a scourge on circulation figures.

IMS were tasked to deliver the changes in store, making sure that the opportunity was maximised in terms of sales. They made 8000 visits in four days.

Because of the secrecy 50,000 items of POS could not be delivered to the field sales team until the day before the actual campaign.

Outlets visited by IMS saw sales figures that were 8 times the national average.

74 CPM, P&G (2005, Merchandising and Compliance)

Year 1, Entry 1, Category 1, a very strong panel and an immediate Gold standard benchmark case study for years to come. I’m so glad that the FMBE awards started with such a strong agency/brand pairing showing off the enormous gains that can be made by extending a successful working relationship.

A fully accountable multi-brand ROI winner.

73 Fieldsmart, Kodak (2010, Demo/Sales)

Here was an instore B2C sales campaign that showed how integral the technique can be in creating product success. Kodak’s inkjet printers come with a different message to the established market norm, a 60 per cent price premium and less expensive ink. This message would need to be communicated very clearly by brand representatives to stand a chance.

In one of the most accountable FMBE award entries ever, Fieldsmart showed more than the rest.

Judges are used to astronomical ROI figures in this category, but here the big picture was provided by Kodak who testified that the sales results, volume growth and YoY value uplift (of 277%) – and even brand perception change had all been stimulated by the sales team.

72 The Sure Group, Australia (2009, Stand/Display Unit)

The only time an FSDU has won this category…

Sometimes the drilled down case study shows the attention to detail that Field Marketing can achieve. This promotion, for the film Australia, would not have been the biggest activity that

Sure pulls off for giant home entertainment company, 20th Century Fox.

The FSDU in question helped the film to tie in with Australian wine in a cross-promotion. It was a very eye-catching and sturdy .FSDU that was perfect for the secondary sitings that brought it to the attention of ‘weekly shop’ shoppers.

The campaign was a big sales success, and Sure also evidenced some very special store relationships with field staff who helped store managers to love the campaign.

71 IQFM (Poland), Prince Polo (2007, International)

Seeing FM come of age in Eastern Europe has been on of the notable stories in the last 5 years. There were so many opportunities, without the same limitations imposed by historic store behaviours.

IQFM has been in the right place at the right time. In this entry they evidenced the massive impact of car sales to Independent stores, including this big win for Kraft’s wafer chocolate bar, Prince Polo, establishing immediate new distribution in 41,400 shops.

The IQFM sales force made 23 effective calls per day and achieved an order/call ratio of 60 per cent.

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