Green Field Marketing invests in logistics facility to simplify acticvations across Ireland

New logistics facility in strategically important location enhances service offerings

Green Field Marketing Solutions has acquired a 12,000 sq ft warehouse in Belfast following an investment of £200K. The warehouse facility, which has space for over 600 pallets, will allow the specialist outsourced sales and merchandising company to provide a unique solution for brands, POS and retail installation companies wanting the most efficient field marketing implementation across GB and the Island of Ireland.

The specialist outsourced sales and merchandising company offers a ‘white glove’ service for companies using its warehouse facility for point of sale, retail premia, retail furniture and equipment.

Russell Johnston, Managing Director, Green Field Marketing explained, “We have the ability to store, distribute and implement point of sale and retail display throughout the UK and Ireland. We know the importance of treating POS with ‘white gloves’ as it’s a key part of the consumer journey and ultimately influences buying decisions in favour of our client partnerships. We offer a fulfilment service for both our own field teams and our clients as well as a secure storage area for high value items.

“The warehouse includes a merchandising and implementation training area to ensure that our clients’ point of sale, or whatever they have entrusted us with, can be activated in store to an exacting standard. Being able to show our teams first-hand how a product or point of sale should look on the shelf, in store, is hugely beneficial to our partners and increases the chances of reaching consumers in the way brands intended.

“Due to the strength of our infrastructure and presence in three key regions, we give companies the chance to be more agile when responding to the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. Northern Ireland stands out as a strategic hub for FMCG businesses seeking their ideal outsourced field marketing partner for UK and Ireland operations, while providing substantial cost savings”, said Russell.

A study conducted by the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce revealed that companies storing goods in NI experience a 20% reduction in transit times and associated costs when transporting goods to GB and Ireland compared to traditional cross-border routes. which resulted in an average annual saving of £1.8 million for participating businesses*.

Russell continued: “Northern Ireland is now an important location for businesses looking to streamline their field marketing supply chains. This is particularly important for companies involved in FMCG as this fast-moving sector waits for no one. We are finding that organisations are looking for cost effective ways of distributing and ultimately implementing their POS and as we offer this service, plus unfettered access to the UK, Ireland, and European markets, Northern Ireland has emerged as a key hub.”

Green Field Marketing, which doubled its turnover in the last three years, has made itself an attractive consideration for companies working in the FMCG space.

Russell said: “It’s also worth noting that Infrastructure Development Northern Ireland (IDNI) found that businesses benefited from a 30% reduction in overall transportation costs due to NIs efficient ports, road networks, and proximity to major airports. It was revealed that this led to an average annual saving of £3 million for participating companies**. With those kinds of results, and our commitment to increasing the visibility, sales and profits of our retail partners, we are a very attractive option for numerous companies.”

Green Field Marketing works with companies like KP Snacks, Boost Drinks and Royal Canin, to name a few.

“We have a proven track record across all retail channels, from grocery, convenience, tech, DIY and both on and off trade channels which we believe is a testament to our knowhow in unlocking incremental distribution, share of space and in-store theatre for our brand partners. Add to that our ability to pivot easily into multiple markets, our inhouse team of experts who can advise on how to successfully navigate the Windsor Framework, a new warehouse facility, and that we provide a gateway into Ireland, we are a one-stop-shop for brands looking for their ideal outsourced sales and merchandising partner, with an eye on efficiencies and cost.”, concluded Russell.

* Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce Report, 2023

** IDNI Infrastructure and Connectivity Report, 2023

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