Wednesday Wisdom: Sally Davis- Winning at Point of Purchase #5

sallyDLogobrand’s Sally Davis continues her Winning at Point of Purchase insight series.


Free Display Space….

FMCG brands certainly want it all from us agencies! More, more more!

You, the retailers and your agency have something in common:  To Drive Sales

Store managers want to maximise their sales just as much as we do.

But you need to be smart about levering this and avoid getting involved in the bun fight that can happen at store level with misinformed and badly briefed field reps doing their own thing in store, just because they think it makes them look good.


  1. Make your interactions with stores credible

Simply briefing you team to ‘get more’ is lazy and it rarely drives a large enough impact.

Give them a chance by focusing them on particular SKU range and give them a real selling story

Using store specific EPOS helps makes their exchange with store staff more credible and demonstrates a clear benefit to the stores agreeing to their requests. Make it a no brainer for the store to say Yes!


  1. Use Historic Data to get more

Particularly beneficial with shelf only promotions. Get you agency to share with their reps previous performance for the SKU portfolio. For example when a secondary siting was last active uplift, compared against the shelf only anticipation.

Show the real benefit in sales value if the store grants extra space. It’s always a winner, especially if you use regional store league tables to drive competition


  1. Give the field team a chance! – Target Stock pockets

There is rarely enough stock in store to get extra, just like that, without creating outs on the main fixture

Your EPOS data will tell you where stock pockets exist, and extra displays will be possible. Your agency should use that to direct your teams to those stores.

  1. Get permission

Ensure your field team gets permission from the store and records their name, position and gets their signature on their iPad or in store device. If there is push back, you have the proof that the store agreed and you weren’t conducting guerrilla warfare!


  1. What Good Looks Like?

Set the field team very clear targets so that they understand what good looks like for them today. You’ll be surprised at the impact if you tell them exactly what you want & expect, rather than just to try to do it. They can go home happy they have done a great job.


  1. Don’t forget Inventory

Simply putting stock on a new display isn’t going to drive much other than visibility and the stock turn on the display. Ensure you don’t starve the main fixture of stock by creating new points of interruption – An empty shelf isn’t a desirable result.  Ensure your agency properly briefs your team how to influence extra stock to support your extra space.


  1. Prioritise SKUs for Display

You will always have a priority ladder of SKUs that you know you want the extra for – share it with the field team to maximise the profit from your extra displays. Don’t leave it to their assumption.


  1. Can we get away with branded POS such as FSDUs?

Tricky ….The unofficial answer is yes you can, but don’t say we said so. Refer to point 4 and be realistic!


The first three Winning at Point of Purchase tips can be found on pages 10-11 of FMBE’s Summer Issue and will continue to be shared as our Wednesday Wisdom for the duration of the Summer.

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