Insight: Conran Design Group and Adoreboard find out how TV viewers feel about this year’s Christmas ads

Amid much anticipation and expectation, the Christmas TV commercials have aired. Industry comment and opinion about which one is best is rife, but how do those whose opinion really matters feel?

Conran Design Group has partnered with Adoreboard to find out how TV viewers feel about this year’s selection of Christmas ads, from retailers and supermarkets alike.

We analysed 15,000 tweets from 2–14 November, reviewing what people are saying about this year’s Christmas ads: which one struck a cord and which one is a turkey!

Debenhams’ ad, ‘You shall’, is the clear winner this year when it comes to emotional engagement, with a score of 66 on a scale of -100 to 100. Of the 15,000 tweets analysed, people took to social media to discuss the ‘joy’ and ‘trust’ they felt about this year’s ad from the retailer. Viewers like the fairy tale theme and they feel that the magic of Christmas has been captured @ ‘I think this has to be the best Christmas ad so far #YouShall. Who doesn’t love a good romance?’

Marks & Spencer ranks second with ‘Paddington Bear and the Christmas visitor’. The ad has connected with viewers on an emotional level, who expressed joy in their posts at seeing much loved character Paddington Bear. @paddingtonbear @marksandspencer I love the ad! It’s magical! And so are you, Paddington. #lovethebear”

Asda’s ad, ‘Imaginarium’ ranks in third place.

Tesco and Amazon performed the worst in the review ranking 15 and16 respectively. With a score of just 31, Tesco’s ad revealed high levels of ‘sadness’ and ‘anger’.  The grocer’s attempt at inclusivity has received a backlash on Twitter with people voicing strong opinions about the brand’s motives. @‘Loving how outraged some people are by the Tesco Christmas ad featuring gay and Muslim families. What a shock to people’s small minds’

Amazon’s ad scored the lowest at -5 and reveals high levels of ‘anger’ from parents complaining that the ad implies Santa isn’t real and therefore spoils Christmas for their children. @amazon why are you spoiling kids Christmas with your stupid TV ad? Christmas presents come from Santa surely!
Potentially the most surprising reveal is that the perennial favourite, John Lewis, shares sixth place with other retailers. While 20% of all tweets are about the brand, when it comes to emotionally engaging viewers this year, the brand hasn’t achieved former success.

Retailer TV ad Adorescore Rank
Debenhams ‘Cinderella’ 66 1
Marks & Spencer ‘Paddington Bear and the Christmas Visitor’ 62 2
Asda ‘The Imaginarium’ 59 3 ‘Anna and Ulfie’ 57 4
Aldi ‘Kevin the Carrot’ 57 4
Boots ‘Sister love’ 55 6
John Lewis ‘Moz the Monster’ 55 6
House of Fraser ‘Sister relationships’ 55 6
Morrisons ‘Sibling love and support’ 55 6
Waitrose ‘Snowed in at Christmas’ 55 6
Vodafone Martin Freeman – “A Christmas Love Story” 53 11
Lidl ‘Homecoming’ (reused 2016) and Short food ads 51 12
Sainsbury’s ‘Singalong’ 49 13
Argos ‘Ready for takeoff’ 44 14
Tesco ‘Family Christmas’ 31 15
Amazon ‘Dad Hiding presents’ -5 16
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