Insight: Young people win the emotional budget in analysis of 20,000 tweets – Conran Design Group & Adoreboard

Conran Design Group has partnered with Adoreboard to find out how people feel about the budget, analysing the emotional content of tweets (joy, trust, anger and sadness) and the impact it will have ultimately on consumer spend.

10,000 tweets were analysed pre-announcement, revealing how people feel about the budget; what their key concerns are. We then followed up with a further analysis of 10,000 more tweet post-announcement to see how people reacted to the news.

Pre-announcement findings
#Budget2017 is the top trend on Twitter, analysis reveals that ‘travel’, ‘housing’, ‘food banks’ and ‘sector pay cuts’ are the key themes trending pre-announcement.

‘Trust’ was revealed to rank highly among consumers under 30 who are happy about the railcard extension, which means more spending power for them.

@“Great news for young people struggling with rising costs of living! @Budget 2017: Railcard extended for people aged up to 30”

‘Food banks’, ‘sector pay cuts’ and ‘housing’ ranked high for ‘sadness’. There are large amount of retweets regarding food banks, with people worrying how possible cuts will affect them. The protest held outside Downing Street also drove the sadness score.

“RT @pplsassembly: We are outside Downing St. With our “People’s food bank” come and join us. Demand an end to #Foodbank Britain #SackTheTories #Budget2017”

Post-announcement findings
‘Sadness’ has increased in tweets post–announcement, ‘false promises’ featured in tweets in connection to people buying their own homes. Social care also drove this emotion high in the analysis.

@“I don’t have a home owning dream, I just want rent I can afford to pay and to see the homeless housed and supported. #Budget2017”

“@Nothing on social care, Early Years and 30hr mayhem or mental health support. Disappointing #budget2017″

Once again for younger people, there was an increase in ‘joy’ with regards to the news about the stamp duty for first time buyers.

@‘Wow!! #stampduty abolished completely for up to 300k first time buyers! #Budget2017’
@‘Chancellor abolishing stamp duty for first time buyers. As a young person – HUGE! I love this Government. Cheers, Phil! #Budget2017’

The British sense of humour also came out in the analysis with this notable tweet:

@’If Budget 2017 is anything like my household one it’ll be:
A) Need to buy cheaper food so I can heat the house.
B) Need to bike in dangerous weather until I can afford to fill up the car again.
C) Encourage Lewis Hamilton to buy his own planes so A and B aren’t necessary.’

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