Insight: 52% of men feel they are not well represented in the media – Jacamo

The report on male body confidence was commissioned by menswear online retailer Jacamo, and has revealed that 40% of men suffer from ‘Manxiety’, a term used to describe the male population’s growing dissatisfaction with their body image.

This comes at a time when the 5th series of Love Island has come under fire for not showcasing a diverse range of body types across the reality programme and instead, has only selected the most toned and athletic male physiques to appear.

Jacamo has also discovered that a staggering 40% of men are not confident with their body shapes and nearly 1 in 5 (19%) say that being teased about their appearance by friends negatively affects their body confidence.

Ed Watson, Interim chief brand officer at N Brown Group plc, said: “With 52% of the nation feeling they are not represented in the media, it is disappointing that one of the most watched programmes of the year is not showing a mixed range of body types and is only celebrating the most athletic and toned. It is key to men’s mental health to ensure the pressures from society to look and appear perfect are eradicated and everyone feels represented.


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