BE: Creative Award POOL 3

The Brand Experience Awards Creative Award LIVE Pool 3

This is online Pool 3 of the 2012 Brand Experience LIVE award, an award which culminates in a LIVE final in front of 4 judges at the IOEX exhibition 8th March.

How this competition works

Just 4 finalists will emerge to be chosen from 5 ‘pools’ There are 35 campaign entrants, 7 in each pool. 5 semi-finalists will be chosen by a judge’s score in combination with our visitor poll whilst a 6th semi-finalist will be the highest judge’s score not to win a pool. A panel of 25 independent expert judges are engaged for aiding the online process. Registered site visitors can also vote for their favourite campaigns using a Poll on this site (if you are not logged in it won’t appear). The six semi-finalists will then be given further consideration by the judges before the 4 finalists are announced on this site on 28th February.

Pool contenders have been selected randomly. Online voting will be open for the same amount of time for each pool. Pool 3 is open Wednesday 8th February 12 noon (GMT) – Friday 10th February 19.00 (GMT). For each entry there is a video or slideshow presentation and text that outlines 3 steps: The Brand Challenge, The Big Creative Idea and Why it Worked.

Pool 3 – Contenders

TRO with Lucozade video

iD Experiential with Fruit Shoot video

EMO with Lexus video

PrettyGreen with Nando’s video

Bluewater Shopping Centre and Paul Hicks with Virgin Media video

Gekko with Freeview video

Kommando with Mentos video



TRO with Lucozade

The Brand Challenge: Lucozade – the UK’s leading Sports and Energy drinks range – launched its YES campaign in 2011, heralding a whole new brand positioning. The spirit of the campaign revolves around passion and giving your all. It demonstrates that when different forms of energy come together, great things happen – highlighted throughout the campaign as ‘YES moments’. Lucozade Energy sponsored six major UK festivals in the summer of 2011, and tasked TRO with ensuring that as many people as possible engaged directly with the brand and inspired festival goers to experience a host of YES moments along the way.

The Creative Big Idea: The Big YES. The giant YES beacon, sited at prime locations, provided the perfect destination meeting point, offering sip sampling, giveaways and the opportunity to share YES moments. Photographs of people at The Big YES were uploaded onto Facebook (social media elements of this activity were conceived and delivered by Lucozade’s digital agency, DAD). Festival goers enthusiastically found their photos on Lucozade’s Facebook page and tagged themselves in order to win prizes – amplifying their YES moments. The Big YES also provided helpful services including WiFi, iPads to surf Facebook and Twitter. Phone charging points and chill-out deck chairs ensured the area was buzzing.

Why it Worked:

1. 31,500 pieces of branded merchandise were distributed across the festivals.

2. Approx 225,000 (conservative) Facebook impressions achieved. 2. 6% of festival goers instantly changed their profile picture to that of their YES moment ensuring ‘hero’ status for the brand.

3. At Wakestock Festival, out of 10 high-profile food/drink brands listed, Lucozade achieved top score, with 94.5% recall. With a host of other food and drink brands competing for attention, and ample other distractions, Lucozade provided the right stimulation at the right place at the right time, ensuring our activity was credible and relevant throughout the festival season.

iD Experiential with Fruit Shoot

The Brand Challenge: Robinsons Fruit Shoot revolutionised the kids juice drinks market in 2000 with the introduction of a ready to drink juice in a cool sports bottle. The brand has gone from strength to strength and is now the number one kids drink brand, however it sits within a cluttered category which competes for appeal amongst its 7 – 9yr old target audience. Britvic’s approach to driving appeal is through its brand positioning, creating a brand that this target audience think is ‘cool’. That ‘cool’ factor is delivered not only by the product format and branding, but also by the Fruit Shoot Juice Crew, whose special skills feature in the TVCs. Campaign objectives Create an immersive experience with a WOW factor to capture children’s imaginations Encourage 100k children aged 7-9yrs old to participate and learn new skills Deliver 4,380 auditions of potential Fruit Shoot Crew Members

The Creative Big Idea: Our strategy was:

Target families in relevant environments with a touring platform that facilitates engagement & participation

Create an immersive experience to generate engagement with the Fruit Shoot Skills Crew auditions, incorporating areas without having an overtly product based message

Recruit a Fruit Shoot Team who bring skills alive for the kids and embody the personality of the brand

A huge colourful Fruit Shoot bottle formed the centrepiece. The Fruit Shoot team invited children to join the 2010 Fruit Shoot Juice Crew. They completed a mini-obstacle course and were guided to the skills area where the specially trained and casted Skills Crew taught them a simple trick or skill. For every skill mastered, the children were given a collectable wristband to show they were fully ‘Juiced Up’. Finally, they performed one of the skills they learnt as a filmed audition for the chance to win one of four places to star in the 2010 Fruit Shoot Juice Crew TVC being filmed later that year.

Why it Worked: It was evaluated against a set of pre-agreed KPIs using the Event Managers daily reports, independent Mystery Shops and Engager Research from a sample of 263 parents of children taking part.

78% of engagers had one or two children between 5 and 10yrs old with them; 95% engagers rated their child’s enjoyment of the experience today as 7 out of 10 or above; 90% of engagers agreed or strongly agreed that the staff were very positive, friendly and appropriate for the brand; 88,040 live interactions through the course of the road show. Shortfall due to length of engagement as the majority of children wanted to learn more than one skill; 5,496 (4,280 target) auditions recorded (125% vs target) 82% engagers said they would go on to purchase for their child Of the sample, just 46% were existing Fruit Shoot consumers, so the activity brought new users into the brand

Link to Flickr image gallery –

EMO with Lexus

The Brand Challenge: EMO were challenged to plan and create a nationwide programme of ride & drive events to give prospects and customers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the full Lexus range. This meant understanding how and where to reach best prospects, and then taking the full vehicle range out to the people to experience, compare and select which model is right for them in real life contexts. In addition, the client wanted guests to fully experience the award-winning Lexus customer service and provide a memorable brand experience which they are likely to share.

The Creative Big Idea: Lexus Open Road

When: 24th May – 7th July, 2011

Concept: EMO developed and implemented a series of regional Open Road events at premium venues throughout the UK, allowing guests to test drive the Lexus range and indulge in the luxurious surroundings and exceptional catering available. Incorporating the use of direct mail, email and online marketing, guests were invited and able to bring a friend to experience the Lexus ‘lifestyle’ at select Open Road regional events. The event journey plan ensured that each guests’ experience represented the award-winning Lexus customer service. Guests were able to pre-book time slots and select their test drive vehicles. The event team and Centre staff were on hand to welcome and personally assist guests, whilst Pro-Driver specialists educated guests about the benefits of the Lexus Hybrid Drive. The Open Road events also supported the newly launched Lexus CT 200h with guests able to drive the latest model.

Why it Worked: As an integrated localisation marketing agency, EMO saw the programme from conception to completion. Using MOSAIC data, EMO’s Insight team identified areas with the highest penetration of best prospects which, in conjunction with the geography of the Lexus Centre network, helped to optimise event location planning. Managing the invitations, registration process, staff and operations resulted in a coherent and quality campaign, creating a lasting impression and advocacy for Lexus. The campaign saw a total of 3,183 guests attend with 5,724 test drives completed throughout the campaign. 35 Lexus Centres participated in the event. A total of 17 regional events were successfully implemented nationwide.

PrettyGreen with Nando’s

The Brand Challenge: Following on from the success of Nando’s xPERimental Skate Jam in 2010, PrettyGreen were tasked with developing a new xPERimental event that: Highlighted the Nando’s xPERimental messaging to all target media Created engaging content for use on Nando’s xPERimental social media channels and seed to press Provides new and enjoyable experience for 12 to 18 year old’s

The Creative Big Idea: Nando’s xPERimental Sketch, free street art at The Bargehouse, Southbank – raw look and feel, 3 floors, several rooms ideal for workshops Street Art collective Monorex recruited to assign relevant artists across range of disciplines: pen art, t-shirt printing, prop design and spray painting Pen artist Jimi Crayon appeared as a spokesperson in instructional videos and interviews with Reggie Yates, plus 2 local radio interviews to pre promote

Online enrolment form for young people to book their preferred workshop Workshops included artists introduction, genre background including VT and visuals, plus a 90 minute practical lesson “Free style” room for people that dropped by on the day to talk to artists, watch tutorials and make their mark on the Pen wall

Why it Worked 374 12-18 year olds participated 45% of 12-18 year olds stayed to experience all workshops Over 500 free Nando’s chicken burgers sampled PR reach: 9.8 million 361% increase in active Facebook users 39 pieces of coverage – print and online

Testimonials “They’ve had a fantastic day thank you… Is this going to be happening again?” Craig Madley, This Is London

“Just wanted to say thanks for the invitation to the amazing xPERimental art event yesterday. My son Dylan and his two friends had a brilliant time. It was incredibly well-run by lovely people, and the kids came away full of inspiration and ideas. So thanks very much – a total winner!” Marina Gask – Freelance journalist

Bluewater Shopping Centre with Paul Hicks with Virgin Media

The Brand Challenge: ‘SpeedWeek 50’

To bring to life the fastest 50Mb fibre optic broadband in the land utilizing a unique platform to launch the product and create something that has never been done before, with the question: what would you do with Jenson Button for a day? Deliver in 4 weeks.

The Creative Big Idea: ‘SpeedWeek50’, an experiential event to launch Virgin Media’s fastest 50Mb fibre optic broadband service. A campaign over 7 days (14th – 20th October 2009) to celebrate all things fast, with a home coming finale to celebrate Jenson Button becoming the F1 World Champion. A unique partnership with Bluewater, utilizing all of their media channels and event space, with an unusual twist: Turning the internal road network into a bespoke race track for Jenson to give high octane rides to people in a Supercharged AMG E63 Mercedes. And a bespoke F1 paddock and pitlane was created in the external space outside Bluewater Water Circus. Bluewater’s Blue Welcome Hall was also transformed into a lounge area in which Jenson Button was interviewed by BBC journalist, David Croft.

Why it Worked: 100 pieces of television coverage of the event. 343 pieces of significant local, regional, national and international print, broadcast and online coverage was generated. Front page news with the Guardian and Metro. International coverage was achieved in the Middle East, USA and South America. Thousands of online and radio mentions. Jenson Button appearance on 20th October attracted an additional 20,000 people to Bluewater versus same day in 2008. 2,000 data capture entries, and distributed product information to over 5,000 people. Industry first, bespoke race track created at a Shopping Centre. Nearly 14,000 Google mentions. Consumer postings on youtube. Total PR value of £3,9m, with a reach of over 328 million people.

Created and Managed by Paul Hicks and the Bluewater team.

Gekko with Freeview

The Brand Challenge: Freeview is the UK’s leading digital TV platform, operating in an ultra-competitive market place. The brand is faced with the following challenges: . Improve consumer’s perception of available content. . Change the perception that High Definition TV (HDTV) isma premium pay service. . Christmas is a key TV viewing period whether it’s Eastenders or Coronation Street that you enjoy with your turkey, this presented a perfect opportunity to educate consumers. . Objective to communicate the generosity of Freeview in a fun and engaging way complimenting the ATL creative campaign by bringing out the child in everyone . Need to achieve this with a small budget of £100K

The Creative Big Idea: An exciting Christmas funfair style stand created featuring content from the Freeview Balloons ATL campaign. . Visited the following shopping centres. Sites chosen for footfall and demographics: . Lakeside 2nd – 4th December 2011; Bullring 9th – 11th December 2011; Meadowhall 16th – 18th December 2011 . Channel idents used within the games to communicate Freeview content in a new engaging way. Trained promotional team on hand to provide advice, assist participation in games via stamping promotional leaflet and communicate key messages: . Over 50 channels to play with. HD for free. Consumers had the opportunity to get ‘balloonified’ in the hilarious photo booth . Prize draw implemented to drive data capture offering a Blu-Ray 3D Home Cinema system for one lucky winner . In-store demonstrators in nearby retailers to help drive sales – linked activity through to the point of purchase

Why it Worked:  Freeview Twitter and Facebook announcements and advertising on venue websites helped drive consumers to the stand . Opportunities to See achieved: 1,204,000 . Over 59,234 consumers visited the dynamic stand and engaged with the Freeview team . Over 10,500 consumers participated in the fun and games adding a bit of spice to their day. The funfair style games meant that all age groups could participate . Over 17,400 branded balloons and sweets were distributed . Data capture: Over 1,400 prize draw tickets submitted with email address. Post event contact via e-newsletter added longevity to the experience and brand recall . High impact stand with strong brand messaging that demonstrated the generosity of Freeview . “Brilliantly conceived and executed campaign…shoppers seemed to be genuinely engaged and excited by the Freeview stand”. Owen Jenkinson, Marketing Manager

Kommando with Mentos

The Brand Challenge: Mentos, part of the Perfetti Van Melle group, is renowned across the globe and available to purchase in over 100 countries. Mentos identified their target market, 16 – 34 year olds (particularly commuters) with a “young and fresh” outlook, who enjoy going out and socialising. Mentos also wanted to raise awareness amongst consumers who before the campaign purchased competitor brands and were not yet convinced to try a different brand. Mentos wanted to target consumers who may not have been aware that the Mentos range extended beyond mints. Kommando were tasked (November 2010) with creating a unique marketing campaign to assist Mentos in launching launch their new range of chewing gum, establishing them as market leaders and encouraging purchase. Kommando created an integrated marketing campaign which combined: a guerrilla stunt, PR, social media and sampling teams. All designed to generate buzz and viral chatter, ensuring awareness of Mentos Gum and encouraging purchase.

The Creative Big Idea: The concept was based around Mentos “Take a Fresh Approach” strapline which Kommando wanted to bring to life/generate media hype. The use of MentosGum branded zorbs saw commuters shake up their morning routine by ditching the train/bus in favour of aqua zorbing along the River Clyde. A PR strategy/news desk feed covering the story was provided with media purchased&planned on Radio Clyde1 primetime shows which targeted commuters. DJs used scripts to talk about a competition where listeners could win a year’s supply of Mentos Gum if they handed their business cards to sampling teams. To maximise awareness amongst commuters and generate buzz beyond the commuter journey, a Mentos wraparound cover was designed for the Metro and featured a spoof story on the latest way to travel to work. To complement the stunt and wraparound,a two week sampling campaign was launched: Uniformed brand ambassadors hit major cities across Scotland, distributing free gum (generated post event interaction, discussion &takeaway experience).

Why It Worked: The activity captured the attentions of many communities throughout Scotland and provided a unique way to engage with the Mentos brand, truly understanding the brand message.Awareness of Mentos Gum as a new product to the market increased as a result of PR generated through the guerrilla stunt, competitions and sampling campaign, with positive feedback and WOM from target audiences. Coverage of the unconventional mode of transport included print and online publications such as the Metro, The Drum, The Sun,The Evening Times and coverage even spread across to France. The campaign was further amplified by Kommando’s Digital team through popular social media sites. 400,000 samples and 50,000 full packs distributed over 2 weeks. 1200+ business cards collected by sampling teams for the competition. Uniformed brand ambassadors attracted attention and generated interest whilst facilitating audience engagement. Estimated that the campaign reached over 96% of all adults in Scotland. “Mentos Gum is all about challenging consumers to take a fresh approach and zorbing to work will definitely kick-start the morning, leaving Glasweigens more refreshed.” Aimee Reason, Mentos Gum Brand Manager

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